Battle Tested...War Ready

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Thu, Jun15, 2017 11:55pm America/Phoenix
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Battle Tested...War Ready
[The scene opens up showing "Huttensville Correctional Center". The camera shows an old worn building that appears to have been closed for quite some time. The camera moves in showing an open dormitory area where some of the cell doors have been broken, destroyed, or partially intact. The camera moves showing the different graffiti, blood stains, and other unknown substances covering the area. Rayne can be seen walking the tier as he begins speaking].

Rayne: The first basic human instinct is security. At all points in our life, it is important that we feel safe. We want to know that if something goes wrong, we all have an out to make sure that everything will be okay. We thrive on that basic need of security. However, when that piece that we hold onto so dearly disappears, we find ourselves shaken..nervous...unsure. And all those feelings are ones that we battle with, ones that test our every human instinct, and in those moments...only the strong survive. 

[Rayne runs his hand over the bar as he slowly walks down the stairs. He stares at the blood stained floor as he continues speaking].

Rayne: This place was closed in the early 80's for excessive violence. Behind these walls are stories of heartache, destruction, and brutality that can only generally be heard from the eyes that lived them...or those who have passed. The things that happened behind these walls are some gruesome stories of people who have done wrong, been wronged, or are misproven of being wrong. Each of these people would fight for their lives at some point in time, using their basic human instincts to survive the situation given to them. 

[Rayne gets to the bottom of the steps and walks around taking in the view. He stops and takes a deep breath as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Originally, I along with four other men were set to walk through that curtain in Hartford prepared for a battle that no one was ready for. Since then, one had been fallen out with injury leaving only four of us. Of these men, we all have our own stories, our own legacies, which we are trying to mold and fill. We all have our own stories to tell, each one different from the other. The things that we have planned for each other are once again things that only we will be able to tell you about later on when asked, but as of right now, we are in the holds of getting our needs stripped. We are about to have our securities taken from us, and are being thrown in to see what happens when it all comes crashing down. 

[Rayne turns and faces the camera as he runs his hand through his hair].

Rayne: Khoklov, I will begin with you. Your silence does nothing but irritate me. When you first came into the WWX, there wasn't a person that was in the back locker-room who would cross you. You were the towering figure that everyone was wondering who was going to destroy next. You had someone walk around speaking for you, simply because you wanted everyone to think that your voice was far too powerful. You wanted them to think that you were far to superior to speak about anything, so you sent some little pipsqueak in a tie to do it for you. Then came my opportunity. I faced you in the ring with Pendragon. And in that moment Khoklov *laughs* in that moment, I found the truth. You are nothing more than an oversized baby b*tch. 

[Rayne laughs as he continues walking around the area].

Rayne: I did everything that I could to you, and watched you lie on the ground the majority of the time. I went to end you personally, and you had to have your little manager save you from the fate that was about to come your way. When that happened...I have to know...what were you thinking? Did you think you were saved forever? Did you think that I would not come back after you? The fact that you thought you could run away from this does nothing more than sicken me. Your silence sickens me. YOUR BEING SICKENS ME! This time around, I intend to do what I meant to do the first time, and slay the beast. You will no longer be feared around here for when I get my chance to take you out this sunday there will be no saving you. I will make sure that you get put down inhumanily, so hopefully that way your silence and ignorance will no longer be shown in the face of WWX. Everything that you have done to this point means nothing, and in this moment that you will be facing, you will see all. The arch angel will send down his sentence upon you. 

[Rayne walks towards the stairs and slowly walks up on them leaning on the rail].

Rayne: Which brings me to my next victim of interest. Archer, you have done nothing of any valor here in WWX. Sure, you have a won a few matches here and there, but none of your wins have ever been legit. I have never seen you actually be able to handle someone on your own, let alone without some kind of short handed tactics in order to take the person out or make sure that they get disqualified so that you can take the win. The beauty of this match though, is that you don't get that opportunity. You don't get the chance to have people come to your rescue and stop the match. You don't get the chance to do some shady business in order to get out of the fight that will ensue when the match happens. What you will get is the beating that someone needed to give to you since you walked through those doors. What you will get is the match that you have needed. What you will get is the fight that should have been taken to you since day one and knocked that chip that you have clean off your pathetic shoulders. 

[Rayne continues up the stairs, the camera following as he continues speaking].

Rayne: I have sat and listened to you talking about how you are going to walk away with the belt and that you are going to do this and that...with the blade club. You are going to go on and do big things...with the...blade club. Its statements like those that show that you have no real desire to go somewhere by yourself, but rather you are going to do what my old partner did and ride the coat tails of those bigger than you to get you to where you need to go. But you see, one day...they will get tired of it. They will get tired of carrying you. They will get tired of you being the face. They will realize their worth, their stature, and say to themselves...why cant I be the face? Why cant I take that championship? And once that little piece of doubt is placed, once it manifests itself into a real thought, your precious little backbone will be exposed and crumble. Those who you thought you could trust will turn on you to become something more than you are. They will find themselves ready to do what they need to in order to be better than you. You are the one that hides behind those two, the two who have no problems doing the things that YOU CANNOT STOMACH DOING!

[His face etched in anger momentarily, he relaxes and untenses his muscles].

Rayne: *Laughs* You are right about a few things Archer. We are going to be the two most driven superstars in this match. We are two of the most well toned overall athletes in this match and we both know that. However, that is all that you had right in your statements. You see, I don't care about you. Your "cunning intelligence" is nothing more than being a p*ssy and not wanting to fight your own battles. Its running from the fight instead of embracing it. Take your intelligence that you think you have, stick your hand up your as*, and poke yourself in the eye hopefully hard enough you pull your head out and come back up for air. In this match, you are a target who needs nothing more than knocked down a few inches. Like Fill, this will not be the last time that you and I meet. You are destined for big things, I can see that for you, but this isn't your time. You are going to get knocked back into your seat like the rest of them. You think you "know me" *laughs* You have no idea what im capable of. 

[Rayne walks over to the center of the top overlooking the bottom cement. He climbs onto the outside of the rail and puts himself on top as he continues speaking].

Rayne: However...there is someone that does. Of all the people that I look forward to getting into this match with, it is the man that I betrayed that I await the most. Fill, I simply could not be happier in what you are becoming. You are finally realizing what I have been trying to tell you after all these years. While you may act like you have been doing what you are doing now all along, we both know that isn't the truth. You hate the darkness. You hate that feeling. But yet now you are coming to embrace it, and I cannot be more happy. You see, the difference between the two of us and the others in this match is we know each other. We know what each other are capable of, our patterns, even down to the way we think. Numerous hours of in and out of ring time have brought us to that point, and that is what makes you special. That is what makes this mean more for you and I. I...know...your...weaknesses. I know what makes you break down. I know what makes you hurt. Just like you know me. Unlike these other two, we have been here before. We took on the insurgence, and did things like this weekly. We went through hell and back together. I remember it all. The barbed wire, the weapons, the blood, the scaffolds, you name it. And through it all we took it and moved on. I know you still have questions, and maybe one day I will be able to answer all of them, but for right now, we are supposed to be enemies and I intend to fill that role as necessary.

[His face etched in thought, he looks up to the top of the building before he begins speaking].

Rayne: Fill, as far as the possibility of us being a team, I know it is there. I know you could use Archer and try and both take me out together, and I don't put that past you all. Hell, you did it once. You knew you couldn't beat me last time and had to use them in order to get that championship to stay across your waist and there isn't a person in WWX who could say otherwise. Everyone knew what was set to happen that night but now isn't the time to dwell on that. We move onto the new battle this new adventure. And in this adventure I right the wrongs that were placed upon me last time. This time around, I further make due on my promise to break you down. If there is nothing else nice you can say about me Fill, you can always say that I have kept my promises. This one is no different. Maybe you and I will team up, maybe not. All the possibilities could make peoples heads spin. But one thing will ring true at the end of tonight. You and I are going to break that former threshold that we have had with each other and take it to new heights. And when we do...*Laughs* when we do...we will see who the better man really is. 

[Rayne jumps down from the second tier landing onto the concrete below. He stands back up, a sick smile on his face].

Rayne: Gentlemen, we all need the security within ourselves knowing that our safety is paramount. In this match, that cannot happen. We cannot know what is going to happen as everything that is normally laid in front of us for safety is off the table. All our guards are removed and anything goes. We are fully exposed. When we step into that ring on Mayhem, we have one mission, one goal, and that is pure and utter destruction. What you all don't realize is that I know what that feeling is and what it feels like. I know what its like to have it all taken away. All I can hope is that you all can cope with it just the same. When this is all said and done, the arch angel will pass down the judgment that need be rendered on all of you. When your walls are closing down around you and you have nowhere to run, you'll see what your made of. And when that times comes, when you are bloody, battered, and can look at each other and say...its the Rayne...and Im glad its over. 

[Rayne takes one last look around the building and slowly walks through the door. The camera fades to black].

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