Become born again

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On Mon, Nov06, 2017 9:12am America/Phoenix
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Become born again
[The scene opens showing the “Welcome to Georgia” sign. Under it states “We’re glad Georgia is on your mind. The camera pans through the area showing many of the different cities as the nightlife and traffic seems to flow together. People crowding the streets, laughter and vibrance in the air. The camera pans around showing the Stegeman Coliseum. Newly renovated, the beautiful facility shines in the darkness. On the stairs leading in, the camera sees a figure sitting about midway up, looking out at the sky. The camera pulls closer as Rayne can be seen, his hood over his head sitting on the stairs in a pair of cut off jeans. He can be heard singing as the camera approaches].

Rayne: Hello darkness my old friend...ive come to talk to you again…

[He lets out a menacing laugh as he stares up at the camera].

Rayne: Hall of Pain. Ah...yes. What an instance. A lot of people, a lot of superstars, had quite a bit to say about the event. For some, it was the highlight of the year. For others, myself included, it had its high and lows. You see, my night began when I got into a tag match with Xavier Pendragon and Damian Price, The Empire. Two men who have remained virtually irrelevant to this point, and decided now would be the time to try and make something of themselves. Cute. However, as luck would have it, those two men ended up being beaten by Fill and I. I am sure you were watching Darkness, just as I was waiting for you. 

[Rayne leans back on the stairs for a moment and then leans forward as he continues speaking].

Rayne: It was on Ravage that you and I had met the last time. Do you remember that Darkness? You and I were battling it out for the Crusade Cup. We were trying to ascend the to the top, and you bested me in what still is the most baffling thing that has ever happened to me. Rain started coming into the facility, and you were able to beat me. You pinned me that night, won the crusade cup, and elevated yourself to another Undisputed Run. *Claps* Im proud of you. 

[Rayne stands up and looks around the area as he continues speaking].

Rayne: You see, I watched as you were in your own match at Hall of Pain, The House of Horrors. And in that match Darkness, I watched you closely. And what did i see? I saw a man that was able to use underhanded to defeat me, get knocked into a grave and BURIED! You were put into a hole and buried alive. I find myself wondering what that must have felt like. To be put into a hole that you cannot get out of and watching as dirt was poured on you. I can only imagine that was quite the experience for you. However, it isnt how you lost, but how you recover. 

[Rayne gets up and starts walking down the stairs slowly as he speaks].

Rayne: I know that losing that belt hurt you. I know that you are itching to go back to the top of the ladder and cannot wait to get there. All of that is simple. However, what I do hope is that you use that burial, use that as the way to become you again. Use that as the way to bring back the dominant man that ran the WWX for quite some time that I remember. The reason that I want to see that man again, bring that man back, is so that I can have a great match with the man that ran those days, not the man who underhanded me with cheap tactics to move forward in the tournament. This time around, I rewrite the story. I continue to grow and move forward from the minor setback that I faced at Hall of Pain. While some consider my race for the case match a failure, it was a success for me. I took out the one man that I wanted to pinning him into the ground. Now, I move onto bigger and better things. Darkness, as we move forward, I hope you are indeed born again. I hope you come out ready for war. Because the rayne is coming you feel it?

[Rayne takes off the steps and walks out towards the dark section of road as the scene fades to black].

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