Been There Done That

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Mon, May22, 2017 9:21pm America/Phoenix
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Been There Done That
The scene pans to the locker room of Rex McAllister. Rex is shown just arriving. Rex is wearing a white Polo shirt, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. Rex is relaxed, and calm at the moment as he drops off his black duffel bag. Rex goes to a nearby mirror on the wall to take a glance at his face, and soon makes his way towards the hall that leads out to the main opening to the inside of Joe Louis Arena. As Rex takes a walk, he ponders a moment, gives off a hint of a smile.

Rex McAllister: Principles. It's principles that we all live by, that of which gives our lives both meaning and purpose. It's those very principles that provide onlookers abroad the perception we desire. Principles are something different: a set of values that have to be adapted to circumstances but not compromised away. A man far oftener usually appears to have a decided character from persistently following his temperament than from persistently following his principles, but what if his actions suggest that he is inspired by both? Laws and principles, they're not for the times when there is no temptation: they are for such moments as this, when body and soul rise in mutiny against their rigour. 

Rex continues down the hall walking, looking toward the camera as he speaks.

Rex McAllister: If at my convenience I were to break them, what would be their worth? A rather moot query when considering this week offers me very little, just solace for the fact that once again the most effective, efficient, and unified tandem in wrestling today gets to set yet another example for those very onlookers, be it in the name of pure all out competitiveness,  and/or nonstop bedlam. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you the ever revolving door that is the WWX.

Rex chuckles to himself lightly as he shakes his head in disbelief.

Rex McAllister: A person that values their privileges above their principles soon loses both. Feeling without judgement is a washy draught indeed; but judgement untempered by feeling is too bitter and husky a morsel for human deglutition. Of course it never helps when you have corrupted, hypocritical, two-faced trolls like Tanno Waters running the place, an individual who was lacking in both integrity, and intestinal fortitude. A person like him should never be offered a redeemer. Tanno? Good riddance! It was nice knowing you, buddy!

Rex gives off an almost mocking maniacal expression following his harsh words for the former Ravage GM.

Rex McAllister: As I previously just stated, this week doesn't provide me with much. Yet another tag team affair, one that would have more meaning to it were it met with more of a challenge. Don't get me wrong, it promises to be a step up from Pure Darkness, no doubt. However, when I think of a challenge, I think of what me and my partner in crime, Tommy Lipton, are doing now. What we have been doing to keep this division that we sit atop of alive and thriving. What we have been doing to keep influencing other's opinions, altering their perceptions about what two individuals that come together for a common goal are able to accomplish. Now that's...that's a challenge. That's worth getting up and coming to work for, not to hear the same bland rhetoric being spewed from the yap of an obnoxiously arrogant, self-righteous falsehood like the Syndicate. I say falsehood, because there is nothing more true and uninspiring than that of a man who revels in his own self service. 

Rex smirks, and then follows up with short second or two of laughter before he goes on.

Rex McAllister: He tries his damndest to write off everyone else when it comes to the gold he wears, when he should be focusing more on proving it in the ring against far more worthy competitors than the flawed, not to mention truly inferior competition he's been fielded with. He clutches at straws when bringing up with age old, now - baseless arguments to save face against the unfortunate inevitable result that he will take this week, and satisfy his own vaunted ego. 

Rex McAllister: His diverse personality is ultimately attributed to an unequal amount of time given to his own values. His principles revolve around one single-minded approach. He lacks truly where I succeed most, and that's evolving. Trust me. Sure he's adjusted his attitude to the point where he went from being over-the-top egotistical little prick to just plain old egotistical prick. But he hasn't evolved much since my arrival nearly two years ago, and that's why over time, despite how long he's been here, I eventually caught up to him in the ranking so quick, and truly surpassed him in two important intangibles: maturation and reverence. He says this year is different from the last? I could care less. Quite frankly, I can't really see how? So I guess he's just going to have to prove it when and where it counts the most.

Rex stares deadpanned for a second.

Rex McAllister: I mean, wheres the proof? In how much hardware he accumulated? All the legends and big names he's bested. How many careers he ended? Never mattered against me in defeating him in the past, now did it? 

Rex gives off a questioning expression as he makes his way further down the hall toward the cafeteria.

Rex McAllister: Not six months into my career, as a Television Champion when I was besting former world champions, at the time, like Astonishing Ashton, like Syndicate. Not eight months in when I was a defending world champion besting guys that I had less than half of the  experience by comparison such as Syndicate, legends like James Ranger, Darkness, running guys out of the company after I stole their momentum, and made them swallow their pride. Since then? I've only evolved even more, and made it a point to capitalize on success in other areas that are important for my own evolution, and that being foundation, purpose, and influence. It is a different time, and a whole new ball game as you alluded to, but soon you'll find out that the result itself will still remain unchanged.

Rex McAllister: The tag division is finally thriving again. With The Rex Master, and Mr. WWX, was there ever a doubt? With the influence we have, given our respective credentials and statuses, more teams will be looking for a shot at the gold all the time. We've grabbed the attention away from every other division like it was nobody's business. All the while if you look over to Syndicate or Lus side, you get competitive wrestling parody at its worst. You have to be subjected to nothing more than midcard cannon fodder facing off in that International division, the exception being my pal Tommy. Then in the world division we have to once again see how close face to face Kurtis and Syndicate can get to one another without being accused of almost playing tonsil hockey with each other. But not to worry, because this week you get to see the Lipton - McAllister tandem light things up on Ravage again, and treat the WWXs top two singles champions like the special little snowflakes they wish to be, I guarantee it! Now that was...Rexcellent!

Rex makes his way to his destination finally making his way into the open cafeteria, where it's open, but quiet. He looks at the place over, and then back at the camera a moment, shrugging his shoulders, and smiling before finally entering as the scene fades.


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