Behind Beating with a Purpose

Roleplay Roleplay by BISHOP POLARIS
On Sat, May13, 2017 12:45am America/Phoenix
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Behind Beating with a Purpose
[Bishop Polaris and Tom Black are walking on the streets of downtown Miami.]

Tom Black “Alright the Dark One is in the mood for a pummeling, lets find a bar and stir up some trouble!”

Bishop “Patience my friend. They’re will be plenty of pummeling on Mayhem and who better for you to bring back to reality than these two distraught, poor children Super Bacon and Glorious Gaijin. These two were clearly so disenfranchised by the filth of our media that they reacted to it so extremely. Super Bacon… a man I may have some respect for. His dedication to vigilance is commendable, but in vein. Playing dress up and using jet packs is no way to correct society, he needs to see the greater light.

[Black becomes disgruntled, sighing and rolling his eyes.]

Black “OH MY GOD! Here you go with the saving and the light and the blah blah blah, why can’t it just be about whipping some ass and taking some titles!?”

Bishop “Don’t worry, don’t worry. I have plenty of behind hitting and championship victories in me, but they are the means to an end. As the Dark One that is your side of our mission. Think of when construction companies tear down a building and build a new one in its place. You are our bulldozer, our wrecking ball. Then I come in and build back up a great structure with a message.”

Black “I am a fan of bulldozing things.”

Bishop “Yes! Yes! Now you see it! You are essential to the process, even if you just choose to be a wrecking, championship machine that is exactly what I need!”

Black “Well when you put it like that… I kind of like how it sounds. Yummy yummy destruction.”

Bishop “We are ever growing as a team. Pure Darkness will take over Mayhem, The Tag Team championships, and eventually all of the world will behold the names of their saints, saviors of society The Light One Bishop Polaris and the Dark One Tom Black!”

Black “Aw man, you’ve got me all sorts of excited now! I’m so excited I could… I could… I COULD WHIP SOME ASS!”

[Black charges into the first bar he sees and the music stops and bodies can be seen flying. Bishop stands still and slowly changes emotions from excited to disappointed to apathetic. He simply walks next the door, sits down and starts mediating waiting for Tom to finish his business.]

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