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[The camera opens up at what appears to be a late hour. The moonlight sets on the old patches of road as the camera passes a sign stating "Welcome to Missouri, the Show Me State". It continues in along as it rolls to a beautiful white cathedral. The camera slowly moves forward showing "Bastilica of St Louis, King of France". The camera slowly moves inside as the darkness consumes the room. The moonlight shines through a beautiful glass pane window as the camera pans forward. A series of candles begin to be lit one by one on the podium up ahead. Soon after, "Hurt" by Johnny Cash begins playing over the church speakers. The words echo throughout the empty building].

                                    The needle tears a hole
                                    The old familiar sting 
                                    Try to kill it all away 
                                    But I remember everything 

[The music stops momentarily as silence fills the room once more. Soon after, a voice can be heard].

???: I remember everything. I...remember...everything.

[A small white light kicks on near the podium. The silhouette slightly ahead stands up with the hooded robe that has come accustom to the new side of the arch angel].

Rayne: Since that happened, the words shooting out of peoples mouths are simple. Why? Why did you do that? What did you betray your friend? Why did you go out there and make it seem like you were there for rip it all away. You all ask this, but you miss the things sitting right in front of you. Like mere peons, you all must be spoon fed into the truth. You must gather your troops, rally all your backyard buddies, and come with pitch forks and fire to try and right the injustice that you claim. fail to pay attention to the things that I have laid at your feet. You see the grand scheme, holy trinity, 

[Rayne turns around and faces the camera. Stiches and bandages covering some parts of his face from his brutal street fight, he lets off a sick smile as he continues speaking].

Rayne: In the story of the believers such as yourselves, one of the most brutal yet fascinating betrayals in history happened during a period of time of the son of god. The almighty. As the disciples began filing in one by one, jesus looked at all of them and stated "One of you which eatith with me shall betray me". A disciple by the name of Judas Iscariot had previously accepted thirty silver pieces in exchange for the deliverance of Jesus to be executed. However, each of the disciples, not knowing who was the one betraying him, all stood up stating is it I? Lord...Is it I? Even Judas himself, knowing what he had done but not wanting to draw attention had done the same things. They went through their Passover meal, and then Jesus stated to show that he knew who his betrayer was "He it is, to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it". He was going to give a piece of bread, dipped in gravy, to the betrayer of their lord. 

[Rayne turns around and reaches down to the table. He pulls out a piece of roll and dips it into something setting it on a small table in front of him that has become visable. He also throws silver onto the table with his head down. He then looks into the camera as he continues speaking].

Rayne: When the time came, Judas walked to Jesus and kissed him on the cheek, signaling to the guards who the savior was. We all know how it ended from there. Since then, betrayals have happened in every part of the world. Every month, every day, hour, minute, second someone could possibly get betrayed. Unfortunately for you was your turn. But do you even know why? Do you even know why what happened had to happen the way that it did? This is something that had been having to happen for quite awhile. When we were all running around together in When Worlds Collide, the three of us, there was a power struggle there. I had to assert myself as the leader of our group, assert myself as the head of the group, because had I not the two of you would have been run over. Korath was nothing more than a back muscle for us, but people knew at the end of the day who the real stars of that group were, and that was you and I.

[Rayne takes two of the candles and sets them on the table. He turns back towards the camera and continues speaking].

Rayne: We were the ones that made that team what it was. More than friends, brothers, we traveled everywhere together. We were doing all the shows, dealing with that prick Bourne, who constantly used his jollies to make everyones life hell. We were fighting against the Insurgence, and had the fight of our lives on our hands. We were fighting day in and day out, trying to show the world what we were about, and it always caught on. People loved it. Then..that day came. I finally had to walk away for a bit. My psyche was playing all the wrong tricks on me, and I was constantly trying to justify all my actions, even getting up in the morning. I needed someone at that point Fill. I never had family, I never really had friends, you all were all that I had. You were all...

["Hurt" continues playing over the pa system as Rayne stares at the flame of the candle].

                                     I wear this crown of thorns 
                                       Upon my liar's chair 
                                      Full of broken thoughts 
                                          I cannot repair 

Rayne: All those nights Fill. All those days. I waited. I waited for someone to reach out. I WAITED FOR YOU TO REACH OUT! I WAITED FOR YOU...AND WHAT DID I GET?! WHAT DID YOU FUC*ING DO FOR ME? NOTHING! YOU DID NOTHING!

[Rayne slams a fist on the table as he stares into the camera, his emotions etched onto his face. He stares hard into the camera as he continues speaking].

Rayne: When I came back, you were the first person that I sought out. At that point Fill, I didn't want to see you. I didn't care to see you. All I wanted was revenge. When we first saw each other, you acted as if nothing had happened, as if everything had been just as cool as it used to be, but we both knew that it wasn't. I tried telling you prior to us teaming that we had things to talk about...and yet again you ignored me. I went through the match with you, showing the world who the superior athlete of the two of us is, as I always have, and watched you take a beat down from a giant. To make it feel better for you, I went after him. I claimed to the world that it was for your honor, for your sake, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. What the intention was is exactly what I was hoping would happen. It was an open path to lead me to you. Could I have done this sooner? Absolutely so. But then what would be the point?! What would it all mean to these mindless peons that fill those seats every week? Nothing. So the gold factor really brought it to the new level. 

[Rayne reaches down grabbing hold of the bread and silver. He looks into the camera with that glaring smile as he speaks in a very harsh tone]

Rayne: Here we are Fill. Here we are. This week, we finally meet as it should have been all along. We meet as I have waited for. Just like times past Fill, you are going to ask yourself that question Why? And when you do, answer it like this. Because I didn't care enough to get the person that had my back. I didn't care enough to reach out and make sure he was okay. I was too self absorbed to worry about anyone else. Whatever you want to help you sleep at night. Fill, we have had the last supper last week at Mayhem when we defeated those jokes together, I have washed my feet in the blood, and now I have gotten my items in order to show the service of my betrayal. All that is left at this point is crucifixion. In this story, Judas wins again. In this story, I show you who the superior winner was. IN THIS STORY, I AM THE ALPHA AND OMEGA! Fill, I apologize it has come to this, but you made it this way. You have made your bed, and now comes the time I will lay you in it. You have seen the side of me that I didn't want to release, and now you will feel it. The arch angel is ready to strike again, and this time you are the target. Another victim will be claimed. Its the Rayne've seen it...and now you will feel it!

[The words of "hurt" continue to echo throughout as Rayne grabs the candles and walks down the aisle towards the door]

                                     Beneath the stains of time 
                                       The feelings disappear 
                                        You are someone else 
                                       I am still right here 

[He turns back around as the music stops for a moment. He holds the candles up near the camera].

Rayne: Fill...this is truly what happens...when worlds collide...

[Rayne blows the candles out as the light goes out in the church. Rayne pushes the door open and walks through as the music finishes].

                                         What have I become 
                                         My sweetest friend 
                                      Everyone I know goes away 
                                             In the end 
                                      And you could have it all 
                                         My empire of dirt 
                                        I will let you down 
                                        I will make you hurt 


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