Big Easy Preparations

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Fri, Jun09, 2017 6:31pm America/Phoenix
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Big Easy Preparations
*Hex Girl is walking along Bourbon Street sightseeing. She smiles at the camera.*

Willie, Willie, Willie still whining. *Sigh* I thought we were over this by now. Inside that ring gender is not an issue. The only thing that matters is who wants victory more. Who's drive is greater? Who can push themselves that much farther? 

I'm glad to hear that you're prepared to bring it all to the table in defense of your title. Because I'm willing to whollop your ass up, down, and center to get it. Last time you were willing to knock me out to win. I'm interested to see what you're willing to do with higher stakes on the line. 

I thought about all of the things I could do to prepare for this seeing as how we're in the Big Easy. I've been by the Tomb of Laveau and thought about leaving an offering but voodoo just isn't my thing. I doubt the loa are listening. Not worry though a good witch can find what she needs no matter where she goes. *She wiggles a bag.* You can go to confession and ask for forgiveness as for me I'm going to go ask for a war blessing and get divine permission to beat your ass senseless. You can give your soul to Jesus but your ass is mine. See you in the ring little Willie. 

*She gives a wry smile and saunters past the camera.*

[Cuts to Outrage Logo]
[Fade to Black]

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