Big Ticket

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Tue, Jul18, 2017 1:17pm America/Phoenix
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Big Ticket
[Cam Westport is walking down a backstage corridor, making his way out of the arena wearing a suit and tie. He slows down to a stop as Brett Zayne approaches him.]

 BZ “Cam obviously your world title match didn’t go as planned, what are your reflections on the match.”

Cam “I think what I learned from that match, is what everyone else in the WWX learned. If Cam Westport ever gets a one on one shot for the championship, I’m going to win it. Syndicate only managed to get the better of me, because I was busy stomping Blaze into the ground!”

BZ “Speaking of one on one this coming Friday you’ve got Dr. Death one on one at Ravage, what are your thoughts on that match up?”

Cam “I don’t understand the booking mentality. I am a big ticket, main event player! I put butts in seats, I compete for world titles! Then Ravage gets their hands on me and what do they do? They book me against some freak rookie with an organ obsession! Cam Westport doesn’t come to Ravage often, but you better believe I’m going to leave an big impression with the GM over there.”

BZ “Death has been on a roll since arriving in the WWX. He recently defeated one of your old rivals Fill.”

Cam “Yeah with the help of the Blade Club he defeated Fill, the kid would’ve gotten smacked up without Archer.”

BZ “Well he has been on a hot streak since joining the WWX. He currently ranks on the International Title rankings and recently aligned with WWX Tag Team Champions Pure Darkness.”

Cam “He can rank in the International Division all he wants, meanwhile I compete for the World Title! Just tonight I wrestled for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship against the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Syndicate!”

BZ “You’re well known for your work ethic in film study, breaking down your opponents tendencies does his inexperience mean you’ll focus less on that?”

Cam “Of course not! Lamar Graham is breaking it down right now, and tomorrow morning at 8 am we’re going to hit the film room and figure out what this cat is all about. Just because I think he’s soft, doesn’t mean I’m not going to do my homework. Speaking of 8 am, I’m going to go home and sleep up, I’ve got work to do tomorrow” 

BZ “Thanks, Cam”
[Cam walks on and out of the building entering an all black car.]

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