Bitter Taste (repost)

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On Tue, May30, 2017 2:00pm America/Phoenix
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Bitter Taste (repost)
[ The segment takes place in an empty arena, the only sign of life is in the middle of the ring where Fill is sitting on a chair with the International Title belt resting on his legs. At first, he's just sitting there holding his head and staring at the belt, before he quietly begins to speak ]

Fill: Was it worth it... was it really worth it all? To some it can be alright to find reasons to take out their frustrations on others, to others there are wrong actions, for all the wrong reasons.

[ He slowly raises his head and looks directly at the camera ]

Fill: For those of you who didn't see it with your own eyes, last Sunday at Mayhem, I faced Lu'Andre Xavier for the International Championship in the main event. We had one heck of a match, and as you can see the result was obvious.

[ He takes another look at the International Title belt as he slightly runs his hand over it ]

Fill: Like every other person who captures something like this in his career, it feels like one of the happiest moments ever. To see the referee handing it to you, to hear all of the fans chanting for you, to have a taste of victory that should remain in your heart forever.

[ Behind Fill, on the jumbotron starts a replay of Fill being handed the title after the match ]

Fill: That taste of victory, of appreciation, of excitement, it feels even better when you have the closest people to you, to share it with them. I was able to feel that taste for a short while, and it reminded me of all the other titles that I've won in the WWX, I shared every title win with all the people that were watching. All of the singles titles that I've captured were shared only with the fans.

[ At this moment, the replay reaches the part where Rayne comes down to the ring to celebrate with Fill ]

Fill: This was the only time that I shared that moment with the only close person that I have on the roster. After all that excitement, I was left with the most bitter taste of all - betrayal.

[ The replay goes through the attack by Rayne and pauses as Rayne is looking down at Fill ]

Fill: This is my third reign as WWX International Champion, and so far it will be remembered as the worst one I've had only because of the way it started. In the WWX, I've been through a lot - I've been beaten til I drew blood, I've been tossed down from ladders, I've been attacked with nearly everything but a kitchen sink. I've been partnered with random superstars with whom we've worked until our job in the ring is done without attacking each other, I've been partnered with people that I respect even until this day - The Jester, Korath... those are the ones that I can continue respecting since we've been patient with each other until one of us left the company. I wish I could say the same about Rayne. Before Mayhem, he was in that same list, but now for the most... absurd reason, he turned his back on everything that we've ever worked with.

[ He suddenly gets up from the chair and throws the International Title belt on the chair, as he walks around the ring, shaking his head ]

Fill: When Worlds Collide, The Insurgence, the WWX Tag Team titles, all of that vanished into smoke, and all of that because... I "forgot" about you Rayne? Seriously? Are you F***ing KIDDING ME?

[ Out of rage Fill screams out and starts taking deep breaths ]

Fill: No no no, I can't accept that as your reason. This isn't about me, it's about you! Judging by your words, it always was about you! Cut the religious crap, you're no Judas, you're worse than him. I am no god to be crucified, I am just a person doing what he loves, I've went my entire life fighting for one reason or another. I didn't come to the WWX for money, fame, or glory. I came here to do what I love. Why are you here Rayne, huh, why? To destroy careers, to shatter dreams, to ruing everybody's moments just to get what you want, is that what you are now? You know what Rayne, when you first walked into the WWX, you did the same thing. Only back then I didn't know who you were, and I didn't care. I was already on my way to the top along with Jester, you made your point by breathing down my neck for a couple of weeks and that ended against you when you chose to challenge us together. And speaking of those days, I won my first International title WITHOUT you, I won my second International title WITHOUT you, I won the WWX Worlds Wrestling Championship WITHOUT you! Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you? You weren't there for me during my most important moments, but you don't see me plotting any revenge on you for it. When I left the WWX in mid 2015, all the time I was gone I didn't hear from either you nor Korath, but I don't hate you for it, I've dealt with loneliness my whole life and I can do it for the rest of it if I have to. 

[ Fill turns back to the International title belt. He walks over and grabs it, looking at it for a couple of seconds before placing it on his shoulder ]

Fill: You want to use your loneliness for an excuse, fine! You want to take your anger out on me by taking this title from me, fine! But don't speak to me as if you were always my leader, the leader of When Worlds Collide. You know very well that there were no leaders there, and that's the way that it will always be. You wanna be a leader - go back where you came from. The idea of When Worlds Collide was to show the rest of the WWX what happens when three different worlds collided, they took whoever stood in their way down. But since you wish to change that, this will be its new meaning. When worlds collide, only one of them remains standing.

[ Fill holds the title belt low and makes a champion pose before he finishes his words ]

Fill: You can stand in the rain and feel it all you want, but at Mayhem, I'll make you feel something much worse that rain, you wanted to bring back that aggression in me, well now you have it! RAYNE....FEEL...THE...STRESS...

[ As he says that, he raises the International Title belt up, and the segment fades to black ]

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