Blayde Runner

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Blayde Runner
Our scene opens in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Orleans.  We can see Jester wearing a dark grey shirt with Jester’s emblem on the front and “Laughter is the best Medicine” written across the back, paired with dark grey jeans and a grey Atlanta Falcons hat.  He is signing autographs, taking pictures, and generally chatting with a group of fans that have gathered around the WWX superstar.  

Jester’s manager, Jeff, comes walking over from the front desk.  He hangs back for a time while Jester interacts with his fans until he finally decides that he has to interrupt or else Jester will spend the rest of the day hanging out with these fans.  He walks in between Jester and the group of fans.  

Jeff - “I'm sorry everyone but Jester has a very busy schedule today and we have to get moving if he's going to make his appointments.  Anyone that didn't get a chance for an autograph or picture please come out to the Superdome tomorrow at five o'clock for the free WWX meet and greet.”

Jeff literally has to drag Jester toward the elevators as he continues to wave at his fans.  Once in the elevator, Jeff begins to give Jester a lecture he’s heard several times before.

Jeff - “I know you enjoy being a man of the people but I put a great deal of effort into designing your schedule so that you can meet all your commitments and still have plenty of time for your training and rest.”

The two men exit the elevator and begin heading toward their suites.

Jester - “Speaking of my schedule, what's it look like for this week?”

Jeff - “I keep it light so you can concentrate on your title match Friday.  You just have the meet and greet tomorrow and then you're speaking at a charity event Tuesday to aid the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.”

They reach Jester’s door.  A quick swipe of the key card opens the door and they enter the somewhat luxurious room.  Jester tosses his bag on the bed and notices that the balcony has a perfect view of the Superdome.

Jeff - “By the way, I got you a little gift.”

Jeff reaches into his bag and pulls out a small dome shaped object.  He tosses it to Jester.

Jester - “What is it?”

Jeff - “It's a HD camera.  All you have to do is place it wherever you want, tap this button, and start recording.  When you're done you simply download the recording to the WWX server and… instant promo!”

Jester - “So I no longer need WWX cameramen?”

Jeff - “Well, there are limits to the production value you can get with it but it's perfect for getting a quick message out to the WWX universe.”

Jester - “What'd you say we give it a try.”

Jester sets up the small camera on a desk in the room and takes a seat where the Superdome is clear in the background.

Jester - “Archer, considering your continued silence, at this point I have no idea if you're listening to me or not.  As a result, I see no reason to waste everyone's time with a long, pointless rant where I'd pretty much just be repeating myself.  So I'm going to get straight to the point.  There's at least a dozen different reasons I could list as to why I want the International Championship belt, and they are all valid and important points.  But let's just skip to the heart of the matter.  The number one reason I want that belt is because I don't want you to have it!  I want you to pay for every ounce of pain you've caused my friends!  I want you to suffer for every drop of misery you've delivered to every member of the WWX roster!  I want you to feel every inch of disrespect you've shown to the WWX fans!  I don't just want to beat you, I want to destroy you!  I want to force you to tap out and then I want to stand above you with the International title in my hand and see the devastation in your eyes when you realize that you've lost everything!  And that I am the man that took it from you!  The end is near Archer!  The end is near.”

Fade to black.

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