Blood in the Garden

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Mon, Jul24, 2017 9:51pm America/Phoenix
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Blood in the Garden

*Static envelops the screen as the camera cuts to the interior of what appears to be Madison Square Garden in New York City.  The official WWX ring is set up in the center of the hallowed arena, with a ring of warm lights pointed at the ring from overhead.  The rest of the Garden is bathed in darkness.  Within the ring, a man can be seen facing away from the camera, standing and looking around at the hallowed hall surrounding him.  He is dressed in what appears to be a white leather jacket and blue jeans and is holding something over his left shoulder.*

*As the man slowly takes in this environment, he swivels around and reveals himself to be Syndicate, the WWX Undisputed World Champion.  His face is filled with pure joy, likely from the mere experience of being inside Madison Square Garden.*

Syndicate: You know, I've wrestled here before...but I've never been here like this.  Nobody around...not a soul in the building.  Trust me, I checked.

*Syndicate faces the camera and sits in the center of the ring, cross-legged and holding the WWX World title in his lap.*

Syndicate: I'm sure you've noticed my absence from WWX television over the past week or two.  Sorry about that.  Apparently, the World Champion isn't worth booking anymore.  But while I've been sitting on the beach in LA, I've been getting prepped.  I've been recharging my batteries, improving my mental state, and refining my abilities in anticipation of my fight with Darkness at World Series for the World title.

*He smiles softly.*

Syndicate: But then James Bourne showed up and ruined my day, as he is known to do.  You see, Mr. James Bourne, apparently still carrying a vendetta against me from three years ago, decided to book me in a World title match a few weeks early.  Now, that's no big deal.  I am the World Champion, after all; I can be ready on a moment's notice to fight and retain my title.  But I was surprised, to say the least, to get the call from WWX headquarters and learn that it won't be Darkness I'm facing on Fury.'s Jake Devine...and it's a Three Stages of Hell match.

*Syndicate pauses.*

Syndicate: For those of you hard of hearing, let me say that again: your main event for Fury - Night of Champions is Syndicate versus Jake Devine in a Three Stages of Hell match for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.  Huh.  Was not expecting that one.  Thanks for that one, Bourne!  Can't wait to see your ass get thrown back into the revolving door of general managers in the coming months!

*The champion snickers to himself.*

Syndicate: Alright, I'm done with the stupid jokes now.  Let me ask you a question, Jake: do you remember the date, October 2, 2016?  On that date, I drove a stake right through your career's heart when I blindsided you and Tommy and won the World Series match for myself, destroying BTA in the process.  Since then, we've squabbled a few times here and there, but nothing major really happened.  But, here we are.  Together at last, one-on-one, for the World title.  Don't you think it's fate that, in order to win the World Heavyweight title, you have to beat the man who's derailed your career more than any other person?

Syndicate: But oh, man, you've really changed since the last time we've seen each other.  You're not the "idol" that you previously were - probably because your music was never as good as you said it was.  No, now you're the super-serious guy in the locker room...a "lone wolf", if you will.  You're "The King" of the WWX, as you put it.  Well, "King" Devine...I've never really been known for following orders from "powerful" men such as yourself.

*He smirks as he stands back up, repositioning the World title onto his left shoulder once more.*

Syndicate: In fact, I've made a career out of kicking people's teeth in.  You of all people, Jake, should know that I will stop at NOTHING to retain my place in this company.  And if you didn't know that, maybe you should go talk to Krimzon Blaze, Cameron Westport, Kurtis Ray, LuAndre Xavier, and countless others.  Those are men that would be legitimate World Champions in their own right, just like yourself...but they were all stopped short by the Los Angeles Outlaw.  Now, I know what you're going to say, Jake.  Yes, Madison Square Garden is in your hometown of New York City.  Yes, you can claim that I'm underestimating you and that you have the heart and fight within you to take me down.  That may be true.  But that won't help you in hell.

Syndicate: No, no, no, we've got a real FIGHT between us on Fury.  A no-DQ match, a submission match, and a cage match are lined up in front of us.  Now, let's look a bit closer.  No-DQ, huh?  If only I hadn't won a no-DQ street fight for the title a few weeks ago, showing that I have the ability to cause pain with a multitude of weapons.  What about the submission match?  Well, The Vault has put away countless opponents, and it will put you away too, Jake.  Finally, the "if-needed" cage match.  It feels like just yesterday that I defeated David Gideon Smith in a cage to win my second World title...or maybe that was when I beat Kurtis Ray in a cage to win my fourth.

*Syndicate leans against the ring ropes and looks directly at the camera.*

Syndicate: Do you see a pattern here, Jake?  For once, James Bourne gave me something to work with.  If you want this World title - and I know you desperately do - you have to defeat the greatest wrestler on planet Earth in three matches that undeniably favor him.  You have an uphill battle from the START.  I would wish you luck, Jake...but even luck won't help you against me.

*He looks around at the darkness of Madison Square Garden.*

Syndicate: Right now, this arena is quiet.  Empty.  Pristine.  But come Fury...there will be blood shed in the Garden...and it will be you who is paying the price.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate smiles as he performs a crucifix pose in the ring.  At the same time, the camera feed is eaten up by static.*


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