Blue Haired Idiot

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Wed, Nov08, 2017 11:39am America/Phoenix
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Blue Haired Idiot
[Everything is pitch black, all you can hear is the crowd cheering in anticipation for what is about to happen. Suddenly you hear an acoustic riff playing in the background, the audience's  voices erupt in cheering,  booming guitar riffs sound into the arena. The arena lights up and Tom Black is stood there looking around at the cheering crowd. He collapses as the music goes quieter before quickly getting up, twitching as he marches into the ring via the entrance ramp. Once he gets into the ring he has a fit trying to pull the ropes out of the sockets. The Dark One pulls a mic to his mouth for the first time in ages.] 

Tom Black: WWX! How lucky you are to be in my presence. Who here wants to hear what I have to say to you? 

[There are cheers and boos at the same time, equal to each other, although there still is a big crowd reception.] 

Tom Black: So I've been thinking lately, people have said I'm a "Heel", some have said I'm "Hardcore" some have even said that I'm a "Tweener " or whatever that is... But anyway, I've been thinking about what I actually am in this business. Last Sunday I returned at Hall of Pain and I shocked millions by practically giving Bob Mellon the win and the championship. But I will talk about that on Ravage this week. What I did was shock people, surprise people. And I've figured that I'm a shocker. Sunday, if you didnít know was actually on the day of one of my native country's holidays, Guy Fawkes Night, where you set fireworks off. And trust me, that night, I lit the whole arena with fireworks. So call me anything you want, tweener, heel, but just remember. I walk into that ring and I shock.

[Tom twitches at the thought that he's about to make speech.] 

Tom Black: And if anyone says otherwise, I will put them in their place, such as this blue haired idiot Damian Price. 

[The crowd start a new chant at this: 



Tom Black: Yes, let's make that a thing, now, I've said that I shock in the WWX, but when I put this "Blue Haired Idiot" in his place, it won't be one, you know why Damian? Because... 

[The crowd chants along.] 

Tom Black: I AM THE DARK ONE, AND YOU ARE NOT! Damian, this Sunday, there will be no time to pull off a shock victory, this  Sunday, I'm making you a fireworks rocket and I'm shooting your ass to the moon, and that is that. 

[The Dark One exits the arena to the chants of blue haired idiot, smiling at him rallying up the crowd so easily.] 


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