Bottoms Up

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Fri, Jun02, 2017 5:35pm America/Phoenix
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Bottoms Up
[The scene fades in on the neon lights of the infamous "Bottoms up gentlemen's club in St. Louie.]


[The camera pans the strip club past the pair of topless twins twirling on the stripper's pole to the large jello pool where two completely naked hot strippers are in the middle of a wrestling match. The Juggernaut of the Blade club,"Jumbo" Justice Johnston comes into view of the camera where he is begging for the hot tag. The camera shifts over to the V.I.P. booth where the big man sits at a table alongside his fellow Blade Club brethren, "the Hebrew Hitman" "Ezra Zion and their leader Blayde Archer.] 


Hey Big man, eyes over here. We have some business to discuss..

[Jumbo was eyeballing the fine piece of dark meat that was cusping her breasts and winking in his general direction. Ezra Zion downs his shot and slams the empty glass, face down onto the table. No reaction from Jumbo save from his swaying of the shoulders, getting his groove on as tha fine one batted her "eyes" at him. Blade Archer smacks him across the shoulder, getting his attention.]

JUMBO: Dayum, man! Can' you see me and Sharonda are sharing a moment?


Uh-huh, look here, man. I'd watch it if I were you 'cause word around this joint is that Sharonda is sharing more than just "moments" with the Johns' up here in this club..

JUMBO: You're just jealous! 

*Ezra Zion*
Hey brother, it's your pickle. Tickle whatever clam meat you want with it.. Just don't be come knocking when your pickle starts heating up like a hot habanero..
[Blade smirks.]

E-Z is right, bro. Check it - Hey Sharonda!

[Sharonda places one foot over the other, all sensual-like, as she comes in closer, leaning on that private booth, revealing her assets to the BLADE club.]

JUMBO: Dayum! You are FINE! 


Hey girl, how's the clamidia? 

Sharonda: Oh you know, baby, it's all good. 

[Something between a laugh and a moan comes through her lips. Zion gives Jumbo a look, "I told you so" being the message here. Blade sticks out his freakishly long tongue and he and Sharonda share a "moment."] 

BLADE: Just checkin' baby, now you go ahead and do what you do best, huh? 

Sharonda: You know I will, baby.

[She glances over at Jumbo, giving him a wink before moistening the lips on her face. She then pulls back, swaying her hips as Jumbo looks at Blade.]

JUMBO: You ready for that Giant Khoklover and his little muskrat of a manager on Mayhem? 


Giant Khoklov will be beaten. Simple as that. I've proved time and time again - ever since I debuted in World Wrestling eXistence - I've proven that I know how to win and by joining up with me, you two young lions stepped out of the mundane and into the fast lane to superstardom! The whole world took notice when you joined the hottest commodity in wrestling today and the beating we dished out on Redneck Rick a couple of weeks ago? That was just the preliminaries, bro! 

Now, Khoklov? He is no chump. I mean, yeah, ok maybe he's a chump but he is a dangerous one and nobody can deny what he's done. The point is that Giant Khoklov will not stand in our way to championship gold. That's what it's all about, right boys? Cashin' checks and breakin' necks..

[Jumbo smirks.]

JUMBO: Exactly. WWX has been begging for someone, anyone to step up and that's exactly what we've done! We didn't come here to make friends.. we came here into WWX to do one thing.. Take. OVER! 

[Jumbo grins to himself before blowing a smootch over to Sharonda.]

*Ezra Zion* 
Khoklov is preoccupied but he isn't stupid. He's aware of the rumors, he knows what others are thinking. He knows what we're thinking. Vladimir Abakumov's mind might have a hold on all his troubles right now, but come Mayhem? He and his client will be focused on one thing and one thing only: Takin' you out.. 

[Blade looks none too pleased with that comment but Jumbo seems to agree as he nods his head. 

JUMBO: Zion is right. You know Giant Khoklov will be looking to get back on the championship track to get revenge on Rayne and finished what he started with the International placeholder, Fill.

-BLADE- that exactly why I dialed you - points to Jumbo - and you - points at the Hebrew Hitman - I hit both of you up to join my cause because I know that you're hungry. I know you want to work your way up the ladder here and I know that you know that riding shotgun with Blade is the way to do it. Jumbo, I know you're willing to do whatever it takes to go all the way and you've got more fetishes than I could shake an altar boy at - 

JUMBO: Y'Damn right! 


You, E-Z, I know that you understand that to get ahead in this business, you need to put your pride aside and look up at the stars because that's where the BLADE club is heading. Mayhem will be our chance to shine, brother. It's going be where you and our Juggernaut go from being a couple of low-carders to two of the baddest newcomers to step up here in this industry. But I warn you fellas.

It will be no walk in the park. 

JUMBO: We ain't sweatin' nobody, including Giant Khoklust.. We are the Blade Club.. 


We're talking about cold-blooded beast, boys. Giant Khoklov and his mouthpiece Vladimir Abakumov are looking to get back on top and they'll stop at nothing short of murder if that's what needs to be done. We seen what he did to Fill. Stepping into the ring with that Giant of a man on a bad day can be considered career suicide for most, and you best be sure that he won't hesitate, not for a sngle instant, in laying anyone out cold. 

[The Hebrew Hitman, Ezra Zion and The Juggernaut, Justice Johnston give each other a knowing look.]


Then again, we are The Blade Club.. three of thee most ruthless men in WWX today.. but this is something I want to do alone. Something I need to do.. I have to send a message to this entire wrestling existence that I am everything that I claim to be and that's as one of the best in the game today. Period. Bar none and on Mayhem? I drive that point home. What I need from you two, is to merely ensure that nobody else interferes in this match.

[Clearly, Blade was the thinker of the group.] 

JUMBO: So we should take that Abakumov cat out first? 


No. Let him be. Just make sure he does not interfere and You leave the Giant to me but if there's one piece of advice I've got for you all then it's this: Never turn your back on Vladimir...

[Zion and Johnston nod. They hear Blade loud and clear. The Blade Club clang their glasses together in a toast to their future success as the camera pans back, catching a glimpse of not only the Blade Club in its' entirety but of Sharonda's million-dollar legs as well before fading to black.] 

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