Break the static

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On Wed, Nov29, 2017 7:32am America/Phoenix
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Break the static
[The camera opens up in an unknown location. It pans down a dark alley and into an opening of a brick building. A small set of lights leads down the cement floor as Rayne can be seen working out in the corner. A small mirror, he can be seen watching his form as he hears someone coming in behind. He turns around looking as he finishes another rep and begins speaking].

Rayne: man...Did you get a mandated break for thanksgiving?

[The camera man shakes his head no].

Rayne: You're telling me that you weren't told to go home and had to continue doing your job?

Camera man: umm yeah.

[Rayne throws his weights down and runs his hands through his hair].

Rayne: Now damnit, how are we supposed to feel? I haven't taken a break and have been talking with the wwx nation since this match was announced, and then was told by Mr. Measuring stick himself that we were on a “mandated vacation”. Now, don't get me wrong, I know I haven't been the top shelf champion like him, but I didn't think the champ would want to take a break with people gunning for him. I cant believe you are sitting here telling me this. I was upset with myself that I was supposed to take a break because the measuring stick, MR WWX! Told me to. Now what the hell do I do with my life.

[He sits down and drops his head in his hands for a moment. He looks over in the corner and sees an older style tv sitting there. He looks back at it for a moment and then begins speaking again].

Rayne: Well, now on top of doing things that I havent like being a world champion, Syndicate has done more than me by being a tv star. This static thing that he does with all of his promos, its annoying right? Its okay, ill still pay you if you say yes. 

[The camera man hestitates for a moment as Rayne lets out a laugh].

Rayne: We know it is. However, I was astonished when I saw this. This one was a jaw dropper. He has been trying to use this moniker since he was a kid. And after awhile, I figured out where he got the static Idea from. I had to do some digging for this one. Folks, sit back and enjoy ol Sydney as he was for his tv commercial. 

[The camera opens up showing an older 90’s style home as two younger teenage boys can be seen. One of the boys can be seen working an old antenna back and forth attempting to get some kind of signal on their television].

???: See anything?

???: No, I cant make it out. I am not sure what it is through all this static. 

[The boy continues to work the antenna wires].

???: I am not sure if thats a boob or an elbow but either way it looks hot. 

[A cheesy narrator voice can be heard].

Narrator: Is your old antenna bringing you down? Can you not get that cheesy dumpster video while your mom isnt home?

[The two boys turn around].

Both: Yeah!

Narrator: Well then you need…

[A female voice can be heard].


[The boy on the bed seems irritated].

???: Ugh! Its Syndicate mom! Syn-Di-Cate. How many times do I have to tell you this!

Mom: Oh sorry syndicake. 

Syndicate: No! Syndicate

Narrator: I am trying to sell something here lady. 

Mom: Oh sorry strange narrator guy. 

Narrator: Now back to it. Are you wanting the opportunity to get away with watching those dirty videos with no interruption? Then you need...the infinite antenna by Syndicate Corporation. 

Syndicate: YES! I Love those guys. 

Narrator: Never have to worry about that not showing up again. Here boys.

[The antenna is placed on the tv].

Syndicate: Thanks narrator guy!

Narrator: You’re welcome! Good luck boys

[The camera pans out on the house again as the mom can be heard once more].

Mom: Sydney!


[The video pans off and goes back to Rayne. He can be seen bent over laughing as he turns it off].

Rayne: That commercial thankfully never made air. Real classic though. I loved it. You see though, I never did understand the static until now. Now Syndicate, I know what you are going to say. “Well, you are always in dark lit places and use little light. Guess that means you are scared of light”. I am sure something stupid like that will come out of your mouth, and thats fine. At this point, I expect nothing less. But see, heres the thing. 

[Rayne pushes himself off the wall as he begins walking around].

Rayne: The thing is I have done nothing but train since we have been on this break. I have done nothing but make sure that everyone knows my intentions going into this match. Meanwhile, you two ass wagons show up at the last few minutes and expect to claim it on this “break”. Well, heres the thing. I dont take breaks. I dont care who tells me to do it, I dont do it. Thats not me. Syndicate, what irritates me most about you is that this match hasnt even happened and you are already disregarding Kurtis and I like you are just going to run right through us. The knee slapper in all of this is that you said “neither one of you two are going to beat him so I have to” *Laughs* You really are that stupid arent you? Look at the history books buddy. The ONLY time that he has beat me, he cheated to win. I have beat him clean on two seperate occasions, and then made a mockery of the loss that I had against him. So tell can I not beat him?

[He shakes his head in disgust and continues speaking].

Rayne: You continue to talk about how great you are, but havent had any challenges thrown at you yet that you couldnt handle. I am not worried about you underestimating me, or thinking your better than me, I knew that was coming. Since getting that championship, you have to pull your ego ahead of everything else because that belt is all you have to hold onto. You talk about how great you are in the ring, but the question have lost the belt TWICE this year...TWICE...and still have to talk about how great you are. You wanted to talk about me “waiting” instead of “Chasing” my opportunity for the belt. You see though, one of our knees our dusty, and frankly, *looks down* mine look pretty clean. I dont “Chase” anything because I dont have to. I know that my hard work and determination is shown each and every week in the ring, not on the camera crying about how I just lost this and im exacting my revenge on you because I lost it. You want to talk reality checks? Ask ol’ Kurtis how that worked for him. He was left on his back looking at the lights courtesy of *points at himself* this guy. My favorite part of your “return” promo was that you work harder than anyone else...heres the kicker...INCLUDING ME! *Laughs* Are you really that stupid? I have been busting my ass getting to where I am. You can talk all you want, but frankly, you arent taking that away from me. At the end of the day Sydney, it comes down to this. I know you are going to talk sh*t about me and thats okay. I tried to keep it respectful with you, but you continued to throw low blows. Well champ, another thing you arent good at is talking trash and im about to fill the dumpster to help you out. 

[Rayne walks back over and sits on a nearby bench as he continues speaking].

Rayne: We move to my other opponent of the night, Kurtis Ray. Kurtis, theres the thing. While I got plenty of shit to talk about you, last week on Ravage, you gave me all I could handle and showed me that you are more than I expected. To my surprise, you stated some of the same sentiments and i want you to know that I respect you for that. You came out, we both gave it our all, and we showed the world that we deserve to be where we are right now. However, all of that is for another day. The fact of the matter comes down to we have an opportunity in front of us that doesnt come together very often because as much as I hate to say it, you are like me. You dont go begging and bitching for title shots, you earn them. You go out there, bust your as*, and then come and work for what you get. I respect it. But right now, respect has nothing to do with what is going to happen in that ring. I HAVE to beat you again. I HAVE to beat Syndicate. I HAVE to capture that title. And you arent going to have enough to stop me this time. I know what I am in for, what I have to do, and I am more ready than ever. 

[Rayne gets off the bench and approaches the camera once more].

Rayne: Gentlemen, in just a few short hours we approach a huge main event, one of the biggest in Ravage as of late. I have made my intentions clear. Come in, clean house, take the title, and prove you both wrong. I intend to do all of those things. I intend to stop the train once more with a #Raynedelay. I intend to send the outlaw on his last ride, take him out to pasture, pull the gun out, and let the trigger come back. I intend to leave him in the dust, waiting for him to come back and complain some misjustice and want the championship back. I await the future of taking on darkness once more, signifying that i am better than him. I await the break the static. I will show the world that I deserve to be where I am. I will show the world that I deserve this opportunity. I will take both men to the ground, looking at you as I stand above you with the belt, and listen to you echo the words….Its the Rayne...and we felt it. 

[Rayne turns around and picks his weights back up. He starts watching his form again as he continues working out. The scene fades to black].

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