Bright Skies and Shark Bites

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Fri, May19, 2017 10:47pm America/Phoenix
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Bright Skies and Shark Bites
The camera pans over a long black sanded beach in Hawaii... the crystal clear water sparkles under the sun light and we move in closer to see the boat that Tommy was joy riding in pulled up ashore. His female company are down the beach a little playing some volleyball as Tommy leans against the boat. He is shirtless and his defined muscles glamour with the tanning lotion and he has a Hollister towel wrapped around his waste. 

Tommy Lipton: Soak it in maaaan! The sun, the clear blue sky... We no longer are surrounded by the darkness of the sea, now here on shore the light is all around us! Damn it's so nice being out here right now... but have no fear my fans, for I have been keeping an eye on what my opponents have to say... got my trusty side kick right here keeping me up to date!

Tommy reaches into the bow rider and pulls a tablet out to show the camera. He puts the tab back in the boat. 

Tommy Lipton: Bishop, oh Bishop... I didn't forget about you, you had little to nothing of value to say so I opted not to waste my breath on you man. Besides Tom the dark broken machine was on my list before to address and now... now that you've said a little more it is your turn. 

Tommy Lipton: The Dark... The Light... The balance right? Sounds Star Warsy if you ask me! 
So you wish to bring purity to the WWX... And Darkness... Very interesting... God, I can just imagine what Darkness himself has to say about all of this. I have been told he has pitched in his opinion. I'll have to catch that later. So look...   Here's the thing, WWX is indeed a broken world in need of some fixing up... but it is not you who is needed to be called upon to save it... to purify it with darkness or whatever your thing is... the McAllister - Lipton Tandem is here to do that and we have been doing that now for awhile! As Rex surly will point out...

Tommy moves away from the boat and begins to walk slowly along the shore line. 

Tommy Lipton: Rex and I are both individual competitors who have more than proven we can hold our own. In fact the International Champion and the WWX Champion are in my mind, lucky, lucky that we are focused on fixing this tag division and not focused on individual titles... yet. We have come together for a common goal, to help rebuild a weak division in the WWX and try and see the Tag Team division thrive for the first time in awhile. 

Tommy stops walking... he makes a wall of sand with his feet... 

Tommy Lipton: We are the wall and we are a brick wall at that... it's going to take a real team to break the wall down... you think that's your guys team? I don't think so Maaaan? In fact, i don't think so and niether does my tag team partner the Rexellence himself. Purity and darkness? The future of this division you think will be you Two? You actually think you two will take these titles, that you will lead this division that myself along with Rex are trying to build... Please that is not going to happen. 

Tommy Lipton: I am glad that we have opened your eyes wide Bishop... But it doesn't change the fact that you can claim I don't see you coming, but I do...  

Tommy looks out to the sea... 

Tommy Lipton: I see you both... WE see you both. 

Tommy turns and starts walking back towards the group of girls. 

Tommy Lipton: SO the Dark one feels he has a bit more to add to this... Well, you may respect the ocean, and you may fear nothing... I challenge you to swim with the oceanic white tips and see if they fear you Dark One! For I know you would not survive .. in the deep... in the dark... the real darkness will reveal you as a wanna be "Darkness". In fact forget the sharks, for you have two beasts you must try to survive a fight against come Mayhem... Rex and myself are hungry to show the WWX that you are not yet worthy to hold these belts. Although you are the number one contenders your hands will not be ripping any gold from our hands anytime soon. 

Tommy Lipton: Tom Black, you may sit there and claim that I am not Mr. WWX... That's fine by me. However understand this... The orgin of the nick name was not created by me. It was created by past legends, by the fans, by the commentary teams of the past. I earned the nickname because of all I have done. I get it, I am something of the past... I am not the current WWX Champion, heck I haven't held that gold in a long time... years in fact. I am not the current general manager or acting CEO... Again that was long ago. But do you think you are the first to ask, can I walk the walk?  Many before have laid out that challenge, many before have witnessed just how awesome I can be in the ring AND on Mayhem you will realize what it is to face off against a legend... you will realize what it is to face off against Tommy Lipton... you will realize why I am called Mr. WWX!  

Tommy Lipton: What is happening is what we wanted to happen... A competitive division and we will give you guys credit for trying to compete. As it's thanks to you, 420 and even the Empire for throwing your hat's in the ring with us as for the first time in a long time this division has built some good competition. With Xander Adams at the helm booking matches right we finally have started to make the Tag titles mean something again. Rex and I are pleased of the latest challenges we have faced and heck, Rex and I have been called back to Ravage to main event.... Ravage, a place that no longer is polluted by Tanno... Tanno a man who I will discuss shortly enough. The McAllister-Lipton tandem are doing what we promised we would do... take WWX by storm, create entertainment and save the WWX by any means necessary. On Mayhem... WE ARE COMING! You can forget about snake bites, you are swimming with sharks now and our bite is fatal. 


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