Bring me to life

Roleplay Roleplay by KAILEE
On Tue, Nov28, 2017 9:06pm America/Phoenix
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Bring me to life
[We open to a Camera to Kailee standing at a bridge a fierce scowl on her face. She is glaring at her phone when she sees the camera man holding the camera. She smiles at him as he apologists. 

Kailee: no biggie, letís get going as itís a bit nippy out here. [waits for the camera man to be ready and noís when the red light goes on.] 

So Iím in a match that pits me against 

Damian Price along with, Lu'Andre Xavier, Darkness, Willie Steen.  If he manages to defeat all of us he gets a chance Fozzyís championship. 

[Kailee smirks at the camera before looking back at the camera] 

Kailee: Damian what you think you know about me itís nothing. Nothing is what it seems. Remember that when you are lying in the ring wondering what the hell hit you. This is your only warning.

[The camera goes black as Ďwe dominate the world blares around them.]

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