Bring the fight to you, Rage & Fury Combined

Roleplay Roleplay by KAILEE
On Tue, Oct03, 2017 5:24pm America/Phoenix
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Bring the fight to you, Rage & Fury Combined
[We open to a Camera to Kailee standing at the bar talking to a friend smiling and she is dressed to impress and holding a drink in her hand. She spots the cameraman and motions to him to follow her. They go out onto a balcony and she smiles at him.]

Kailee I guess you are waiting to talk to me about my match at fury? Well... First off I want to say congrats to both Hex Girl and Beatrice for there performance at World Series. You showed them that you are strong powerful Women. 

Cameraman: you didnít do to bad yourself Kailee, you were one of the final three in your ring, thatís not nothing. 

Kailee: meh thatís not that important, what is important is my match against Miss Amelia at Fury. I remember my first match here. It was what seems so long long ago. I post but I kept getting up. Amelia when you get in to the ring bring your hate, your Anger because you are going to need it. Iím going to give it all I can And I expect nothing less from you. 

[the door opened and a blond haired women entered]

Women: Sorry for interrupting but I was told to hurry you Kai, we are on the list to get into that new club but we need to leave now before it gets to busy. 

Kailee: [knocking back the drink that she has in her hand placing the empty glass on the table]  I better go, enjoy your event mate, I know I will.

[strolls our the door as the camera fades to blame

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