Broken Man

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Tue, Dec12, 2017 12:55pm America/Phoenix
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Broken Man


*Static rushes over the screen.  After it has dissipated, the camera focuses in on the interior of the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.  The ring has been set up in the middle of the arena's floor and is only lit by a single overhead spotlight.  In the background, the LED videoboards that usually display advertisements have been turned off, as has the partially-constructed Ravage set nearby.  Underneath the spotlight in the ring stands a man with his head down and hair covering his face.  As the camera comes closer, it is clear that this man is Syndicate.  Dressed only in black denim jeans and gray Nike sneakers, the champion holds the Undisputed World title over his left shoulder.  All that can be seen of Syndicate's face is his mouth.*

Syndicate: a broken man.

*He turns his head towards the camera, causing his face to become fully visible in the light.*

Syndicate: You already knew that, though.  No person can say the things that I say and be completely sane.

*He pauses.*

Syndicate: You called me a fanatic, Kurtis.  An addict.  A man that has been changed by this business so much that he has become dependent on gold in order to sustain himself.  I...wholeheartedly agree with that assessment.  Because once you've experienced the high, once you've reached the top of the ladder...why should you settle for anything less than that?  Why should you not want to keep your spot more than anything else in the world?  That's what drives me, Kurtis.  That's my fuel to keep fighting.  Yes, I am an addict to glory and gold...but I think that's worked solidly in my favor.

Syndicate: You keep talking about resolve, Kurtis.  The determination to do something.  A perfectly good concept, in my opinion.  You like to use that word to talk about how I don't have the willpower to truly destroy you as I so desire.  Let's turn that around for a moment: do YOU, Kurtis, have the resolve to destroy ME?  Because if you do, you sure as hell haven't shown it yet.  You had your chance to rid the WWX of me after Aftershock.  You failed - TWICE.  You had the chance to get back in the title hunt, and unlike what I would do, you failed...until now, when James Ranger gave you a chance to get back in it.  It's too bad that I'm still the gatekeeper to the top, the final challenge to attain true greatness.  It's a challenge that you've failed before, and this week, you'll fail again.

*Syndicate chuckles and moves towards the ropes closest to the camera.  He leans over them, coming even closer to the lens.*

Syndicate: You can't get rid of me.  Yeah, my life will be thrown into turmoil if I lose this...

*He taps the World title on his shoulder.*

Syndicate: ...but I'll be back, stronger than ever, to reclaim it.  I may not be the strongest person around, I may not be the biggest or the fastest or anything like that.  But I have a passion for this business that is UNMATCHED, I have a motormouth that CANNOT be beaten, and I have an UNPARALLELED ability to outlast my opponents in ANY situation.  My drive for success is something that you just can't match, Kurtis.  Why?  Because you disengage.  You drink six-packs like it's nobody's business.  You say that it's possible to be "too invested" in wrestling and the fame that comes with it.  There are times where it seems like you're just phoning it in.  And yet, you insult me for being TOO engaged, TOO invested in the WWX.

Syndicate: You want validation just as much as I do, Kurt.  You want to be respected just like me.  You said it yourself, after all - ending my run at the top will make you appear relevant.  But I'll still be here, breathing over your shoulder, taking every opportunity to wear you down.  So even if you do take away my property, MY'll wake up every day wondering how I'm going to hurt you.  You'll walk around backstage, glancing behind every shelf and underneath every table because I just might be there.  And when you step in that ring, I'll always only be a stone's throw away.  See, Kurtis, I don't intend on destroying you in one night.  No, no, that's entirely too easy.  Instead, I'm gonna draw it out.  I AM going to make you suffer, even if - no, WHEN - you lose to me this week.

*A sick smile appears on the champion's face.*

Syndicate: You are underestimating me as usual, Kurtis.  You are dismissing the history and the facts that are staring you right in the face.  You call me weak when I'm the one standing here as a future Hall of Famer.  Because of my passion and drive, I am capable of ANYTHING...especially defeating you.  Chaos, as I've promised, is imminent...and you better be prepared, because chaos is all-consuming.  It will destroy you, it will eat you apart, and just when you think it's over...I'll be there to hit you with one final shot, one final blow to put you out of your misery.  This match between us, it's not about the World title.  It's not about Holiday Hell or Darkness or Rayne or anyone else.  It's about who's truly the best.  It's about resolve, as you say, but it's also about engagement with the craft of wrestling.

Syndicate: You may want to throw me in the trash, but I'm not thrown away that easy.  I don't go away just because you say I will.  I'll say the same thing to you that you said to me, Kurt: any time you want to shut me up, you PROVE you have the resolve to actually do it, then do it.  Come on, Kurtis.  Get rid of me.  Rip me to shreds.  Do everything you possibly can to destroy me.  I'll still be here the next day, ready to go all over again.  I'll never go away because I am a BROKEN MAN, Kurtis...and that's my most dangerous quality. the Syndicate.

*Syndicate reaches up with his right hand and snaps his fingers, and as he does, the spotlight above the ring goes out.  A few moments later, the shot is interrupted with static once again.*



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