Broken Record/My Driving Force (Tag Team)

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Mon, Oct30, 2017 3:21pm America/Phoenix
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Broken Record/My Driving Force (Tag Team)
XAVIER: You know...the more I think about it, the more my opponents sound like a broken record. Kinda like Rayne and Fill. Fill, I'll start with you. You are correct in reference to me assisting you with the Blade Club, mainly because I didn't like the way they tried trampling over people in their pitiful attempts to try and hog all the gold. You are also correct in saying that I have no ill qualms towards you Fill. In fact, I do look forward to the times I compete against you in the ring. That is, if you were the only man I was facing, but you're not. Of course, I won't be alone in this match either. Fill, while you consider Rayne your brother-in-arms I consider Damian my brother-in-arms. The difference here Fill is that Damian and I are STILL a team. He vowed me that he would return to the ring healthy enough to compete. In turn, I gave him my vow that I would be here when he returned. Here we are present day. The Empire back together once again for one purpose: to reclaim our throne as WWX Tag Team Champions. Fill, this message is strictly for you: Whenever you and I are in the match, I will give you an honorable match. A match that fans can be on the edge of their seat for. Maybe one day down the road, maybe you and I can have a go in singles competition, but that is for another time.

As the camera pans out a little more, we see Xavier at the airport. He sees a Delta airplane land and walks towards the nearest Delta-marked gate. Moments later, a Delta attendant opens a door and people begin pouring into the airport. As the area empites, we see both Beatrice and Xavier's son Jeffrey disembark. The 3 Pendrgons share a family embrace before they move to the luggage claim area.

XAVIER: How was the flight?

JEFFREY: It was okay until the 3-day delayed layover in New York due to weather. Mom had to reschedule a flight on her end as well.

XAVIER: That would explain the 2 of you flying Delta? Who'd you originally go with?

JEFFREY: American Airlines. 

XAVIER: That explains it.

BEATRICE: How's your training going baby?

XAVIER: It's going great actually. Getting ready for the tag team & race for the case matches is all.

BEATRICE: So you're pulling double duty then.

JEFFREY: If my memory recalls dad, you're 3-0 as far as Hall of Pain matches are concerned.

XAVIER: As far as singles matches are concerned, that's right. But these two matches I'll be in aren't singles matches. They're both the tag tem and Race for the Case matches respectively. Speaking of which, there's another superstar that's in the tag match that's also in the Race for the Case match.

JEFFREY: Who would that be?

XAVIER: Rayne. The real broken record of this When Worlds Collide team. Rayne left some time ago and just returned recently and was fortunate enough to be paired up with his brother in arms Fill. He's also the main one that says "I don't have what it takes anymore" and that "I should hang up my boots and tell my grandkids about the good ol' days"

BEATRICE: They'll be asking you why you're not in the ring kicking butt.

XAVIER: Pretty much.

Xavier then turns back to the camera.

XAVIER: You REALLY wanna know why I, despite my legendary career, that I haven't "retired" yet Rayne? Because my career isn't over. It's not over until I say it's over. My family is my driving force that keeps me going. Not just my immediate family, but all my fans in the WWX...I consider them family as well. And at Hall of Pain, we will tear through Fill AND Rayne and reclaim our spot as the best tag team in the WWX. Let's go.

Xavier, Beatrice and Jeffrey then walk out of camera range.

scene fades

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