Broken Streaks

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Sun, Sep17, 2017 8:02pm America/Phoenix
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Broken Streaks

[The camera comes to life as a large crack of thunder can be heard. A couple streaks of lightning race down to the ground striking anything in its path. The clouds cover the sky engulfing the moon and dimming what little light there was. AS the lightning continues to flash a single silhouette of a figure can be seen standing in the not to far distance. The figure begins to walk slowly towards the camera and as the figure gets closer you can see that it is the challenger for the Undisputed World Championship at World Series... Darkness.]

"The final Boss... A boss battle amongst all boss battles." says Darkness in a low toned voice. "A battle for the most prestigious prize in the WWX, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. A title that I have held on one other occasion."

[Darkness continues towards the camera as a loud clap of thunder echoes throughout the surrounding area. A bright flash of lightning lights up the sky and everything around it. The flash allows the camera to see that Darkness is wearing a traditional druid cloak with a cowl covering his head and face.]

"The bottom of the pack. A phrase you can use lightly when talking about me Syndicate. You see I came into the WWX back in September of 2008 and it was only two weeks after that I was wrestling for the Triple A title at Two Front War. You can put me in the bottom all you want Syndicate but as far as history goes I have never been at the bottom." points out Darkness.

[The storm grows louder and fiercer as the minutes pass.]

"Streaks are made to be broken Syndicate. Streaks do noting but make a man fee like he is invincible. Darkness says as a loud rumble of thunder fills the air. "No man is invincible not even you Syndicate. I may have to beat you to a bloody damn pulp but eventually you will not get up and thus your streak will come to one hell of a end."

[A streak of lighting strikes the ground near Darkness and close enough to the camera that you can hear the sizzle from it.]

"Syndicate have you ever met Lucifer." questions Darkness. "I doubt you have. You see Syndicate I know what Hell is like. I've been there. I've talk to the Antichrist himself. So Syndicate you can take me to Hell come World Series but don't expect me to act afraid or be scared of it. I will actually welcome it, relish it, and thrive in it." 

"You will earn that Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship when you beat the final boss. The only thing you have earned is the right to call yourself the best at this moment. I've earned the right to call myself one of the best of all time. I've beaten guys like you on more than one occasion. I don't care if you're the champion of the whole fu**ing world or the whole damn universe. You will fall just like every champion has before you. Syndicate, don't be afraid of the dark but what lurks within." sinisterly chuckles Darkness.

[The camera screen goes to white and then static as a large blue bolt of lightning strikes in front of it.]

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