Buried Memories

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On Fri, Jun02, 2017 1:32am America/Phoenix
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Buried Memories
[ The segment takes place in a cemetery. Night has fallen, and the only source of light are a few light posts. The silence is disturbed by the sound of footsteps from the darkness of the night, as Fill appears walking under the light posts carrying cardboard box. He walks over to the side of a dug up grave and puts the box down, before he begins to speak with his back turned to the camera ]

Fill: I always thought that this moment might come, I only wasn't sure how it would happen. Have you ever felt like there are memories better off buried?

[ He reaches down his pocket and takes out a small knife with which he cuts the box open. He open the box, and it's revealed it's full of pictures and When Worlds Collide merchandise. He takes out one of the pictures. In it are Fill, Korath and Rayne raising their hands up after a victory in the ring. Unlike the happiness they share in it, Fill looks the exact opposite as he throws the picture back in the box ]

Fill: Some of the happiest moments in your life being shattered, due to a conflict of interest. Looking back, it was never about titles, it wasn't even about being the best. It felt more like you're back at home with your friends, having the time of your life, doing something stupid. Stupid, but it makes you laugh when you look back and never regret it, just fooling around as all. True, it wasn't always fun and pleasure, since we constantly had to risk our health at the hands of The Insurgence, but it was still fun for us. Once it was said and done, we slowly did what every great team has ever done - slowly fade away.

[ Saying those words, Fill closes the box and throws it into the grave ]

Fill: I wasn't sure if I should just throw them away, set them on fire, or simply leave them somewhere I would barely remember in the near future. Unfortunately I couldn't just forget them, I hoped I wouldn't have to. But after what transpired, these memories are better left buried. 

[ Fill moves to another side of the grave and grabs a shovel from the ground, as he begins burying the box ]

Fill: Have you ever heard of the phrase - don't ask questions you don't wanna know the answers to? I wanted answers, but all I got was a ton of confusion. Instead of hearing the right reasons, all I got was a ton of insults, hateful lies, and of course more proof that I don't know who I'm up against. The person I'll be facing at Mayhem is no longer the brother in arms that I remember. But like I said about memories, some of them reach that point in life when they are better left forgotten.

[ After a while, Fill is done burying the box in the grave. He takes deep breaths after he's done as he takes a moment of silence for his once beloved memories, before he raises his head, facing the camera ]

Fill: There, are you satisfied Rayne? You came back because of me, you betrayed my trust, you wish to take away the title that put me in WWX's history, and you helped me forget some of the best times I've had in this business. Bravo!

[ He starts clapping, still looking very upset ]

Fill: You have only begun the first stages of you attempts at ruining my career for your own selfish desires. I'd like to say I can play the same game, but there's just one slight hole in that plot. I might still have something to lose, but you - you've got nothing. You will use that to your advantage, I know. But doesn't that say enough? You had but one thing during your time in the WWX and that was us, that was When Worlds Collide. The moment it all started falling apart was when you left without a trace and thanks to what you did last Sunday, you helped finish the job. I never drove anyone away, Jester received an injury that nearly ended his career and Korath I went our separate ways after YOU left us. He went on to win the International Championship and I did the same with the WWX World Wrestling Championship. I was constantly thought of as the weak link, and yet I did it all in my career, while you went away. And all to have us reunite so you could ruin it.

[ Fill takes one more look at the grave in which he buried those memories before uttering his final words ]

Fill: By doing what you did, you only made the first of your mistakes. You wanted aggression, you wanted the bitter taste, you wanted my fall, you got...almost all of it. I'll make sure you get everything you wanted, except for the end of my career, I won't let you have the last word. And just like you wanted, Mayhem won't be the end of it, this is only the start of an ugly chapter in YOUR career.

[ During those final words, he takes a nasty look at the camera, as the segment fades to black ] 

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