Burning Old Bridges, Building Up New Ones.

Roleplay Roleplay by DAMIAN HENDRIX
On Mon, Feb19, 2018 3:13am America/Phoenix
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Burning Old Bridges, Building Up New Ones.
"There's something in me. Something that is dying to be released.I feel it...stiring...growing. When I hear that bell ring...It takes over."

[The camera cut in revealing a shot of Hendrix Power Slaming a man onto the canvas of a ring that seemed to be inside a war house. The war house is at max capacity and looks to be able to hold roughly 600 people tightly. Hendrix hops to his feet.]

Hendrix: "Get up!"

Crowd: Cheer/Boo!

[The man slowly climbs to his feet. Hendrix hits the man with a couple of right jabs followed by an european uppercut and spinning around to connect with a forward elbow. The man goes crashing to the mat."

Hendrix:"Get up God damn it!"

[The man stumbles to his feet. Damian kicks the man in the stomach and sets him up for a suplex.After a few seconds of hang time he drops the man hard on the mat with a powerful [b]Brain Buster[/b] Hendrix goes for the cover. The ref rushes over to count.]

Referee: 1...2...3!

[The ref motions over to the time keeper to ring the bell indicating that the match is over. Hendrix hops off and smiles. He begins to make his way out of the ring but stop. He slowly turns and looks at the downed man. His eyes narrow Hendrix smiles before rushing over and grabbing the man setting him up for a second [b]Brain Buster[/b]. Hendrix lets out a war cry before dropping the man down hard on the canvas with the [b]Brain Buster[/b] a second time. Hendrix smiles before exiting the ring and walking backstage. A man standing at about 5 foot 10 dressed in business casual attire grabs Hendrix by the shoulder.]

Hendrix: If you know whats good for you Mike, you'll take your filthy hands off of me.

Mike: You went to far Damian. You already won the match, what was the point of hitting him again?

Hendrix: Consider it a parting gift for my old friend before I leave.

Mike: That was uncalled for and you know it.

[Hendrix chuckled]

Hendrix: And what exactly are you going to do about it? Fire me?

Mike: Thats not funny Damian.

[Hendrix moved Mike's hand off of him before continuing to walk down the hall.]

Hendrix: It's been fun Mike, but I've got bigger fish to fry. I'm leaving this pig stall, and I'm never coming back.

[Mike grows a furious look on her face.]

Mike: Had it not been for this "pig stall" you wouldn't be were you are today. I made you and I can sure as hell break you! 

Hendrix: Let me ask you something Mikey...How does it feel to have created a monster you can't control?

[Hendrix gave a smiles before rushing over and hitting Mike with a running clothesline knocking him down. He chuckles before turning to the camera that was recording.]

Hendrix: You've been watching me? You've all been watching me? Good then I hope you've all paid close attention, because James Ranger is about to unleash a monster that the WWX has never seen before. Adam Danger, I'm going to show you the true meaning of the word dangerous. March 3rd 2018, Unleash the Beast!

[The camera cut to black. The words Fear Hendrix appears on screen before fading to black.]

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