Burying The Living

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Tue, Oct31, 2017 9:57pm America/Phoenix
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Burying The Living
*shing* *psshh* *shing* *psshh*

The camera comes to life focusing on a pile of dirt. Every couple of seconds a shovel full of dirt lands onto the pile.

*shing* *psshh* *shing* *psshh*

The camera pans over to the right to see Darkness standing there with a shovel in hand. Darkness is standing next to a hole that is approximately 2 foot deep. The hole is right next to the same old run down house as before.

*shing* *psshh* *shing* *psshh*

"Hall of Pain... House of Horrors match... Burying the living. That sounds right up my alley." Darkness says. "The only question is who do I bury."

*shing* *psshh*   Darkness continues to dig.

"Maybe I will start off with one of the men that shouldn't even be in this match. Rex, do you really think you deserve to be in this match. Yes you were the man a year or so ago but at this present moment you couldn't even revive the tag titles. Rex, you think you made the tag titles relevant again. Don't make me laugh. You disgraced those belts and that division when you gave them up for a shot at my Undisputed championship. Although I can't fault you for that since it was the only way you were going to get a shot. At Hall of Pain this relic will show you the relevance of my comeback." conveys Darkness.

Darkness pauses for minute and kneels down beside the hole.

"Almost there. Just a few more feet." Darkness estimates.

*shing* *psshh*

Darkness continues to dig.

"The hole is just about big enough for you Korath. Just a few more feet and it will be perfect to lay your body in. The rookie in the match. The only one not to hold a world title at some point. Does that mean you don't deserve to be in this match?" Darkness asks. "No, not really but it does put you right in line to be buried first right behind one other person."

Darkness stops digging and sticks the shovel into the pile of dirt. *shing*

"That other person would be you Syndicate. The man who proclaims he is the best in the world. The man who swears the Undisputed championship should be around his waist yet here it is around mine. I'm the man that broke your streak and the one who took the Undisputed championship away from you. Something that nobody else could do. At Hall of Pain I will do it again and your streak of not having this Undisputed championship around your waist will continue." Darkness says as he hops down into the hole.

Darkness looks around the hole a few times.

"This will be your moment Syndicate. Your moment of failure." exclaims Darkness.

The camera begins to fade as Darkness continues to prep the hole.


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