Caging Nature

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Thu, Aug10, 2017 4:28pm America/Phoenix
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Caging Nature
[We fade in to see the sign of the world famous Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, a year-round family attraction featuring award-winning exhibits and more than 500 animals and 3,000 plant species. The warm summer sun shines brightly over the clear blue skies as Blade Archer walks into center view in casual attire consisting of a black & white lettered Blade Club tank top (exclusively matched with red knee length board shorts and a pair of flip flops. The International Championship is hoisted over the right shoulder, shimmering in the sunlight as Archer peers directly into the camera with pure focus and determination.]

There was once a time, before this land was stolen from my people, where man and nature existed as one as free spirits. Now? These animals are caged and controlled for your privileged entertainment.

[The camera pans over to the flock of flamingos and Giraffes as he continues to speak with conviction in his raspy voice.]

I beat the war drums week in week out, warning the world to tread away from my warpath or suffer my wrath. Consistently I have proven myself as one of the best in the business and not one person has been able to prove me wrong. It bothers every single one of you that I’ve backed up every word, it sickens the guys in the back that have dreamt of being Champion since they broke in to the company only to see a first year rookie come in and run roughshod… The talentless hacks cannot stand the fact that I am every bit as good as I claim to be, or that I’ve proven it time and time again.

[The Navajo Warrior casually walks through the zoo, absorbing the manufactured man made beauty of "nature" that surrounds Blade Archer and the tourists who snap pictures with their families.]

I am the cold blooded chief that Went from no love, to V.I.P. status. I have that Warrior DNA and fighting wars on the front lines as nature's soldiers, killing opponents and grilling you posers. 

I'm on top of the Totem, ready to pull your punk card Polaris and taking the pot when you fold in. So listen up Bishop, you religious Cowboy, because this is going to be a blood bath. I'm hotter than a North Korean Nuclear Missile, vicious and violent without consent. 

I know you’re sitting somewhere watching this and deep down you know that every word I say is the spoken truth, you have what I have done here since the Blade Club's arrival, you know what I am capable of… you know that you are one mistake away from a career ending injury… you know that you are against a man that has zero compassion, zero mercy, zero interest in what people think is ‘right’… You know that I’ll beat you Polaris… I’ll beat you whether it’s 1-2-3 or whether it’s submission or knockout, if I have to… I’ll hurt you and if you really are holding on for dear life to this once chance to make a name for yourself… then I’ll put you on the shelf… it’s what I do.

See I am not like The Hebrew Hitman… he’s a technical masterpiece and a ruthless sharpshooter… I’m not like The Juggernaut, who is pure power and brute force. What I am is the Undisputed International Champion, the greatest International Champion of all time who does one thing consistently… I win. History has proven that and on Fury? History repeats itself.… so be careful Bishop, because one wrong move against me in that ring… and your championship aspirations, your dreams, your career… will… be..Crucified.

[Blade arches his eyebrows and smiles, giving a slow, intense throat slash gesture into the camera before walking slowly down the path and ignoring a few passers by who attempted to get a photograph or an autograph as we fade to black.]

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