Calling all women... History repeats itself

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Mon, Nov06, 2017 8:56pm America/Phoenix
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Calling all women... History repeats itself
(Working out at his personal gym, Bob Mellon is lifting weights with his training crew. The International Championship belt, lying on the floor in the corner of the gym. Mellon is bench pressing as the camera zooms in on his eyes. Mellon lifts the bar one last time as he rests it on the rack. Breathing heavily, he sits up as a towel is tossed at him and he wiped his brow. Mellon catches his breath and looks at the camera)

Bob Mellon: Do you all know how pathetic it is that I have to fight some witch in my first title defense? Yeah, that's right, it's a title defense. I don't do non-title matches. If we look back to a few weeks ago on Fury, she barely made a dent in this. She was like a fly to a lion.  A nuisance. Nothing more than a minor distraction and frankly, it doesn't last long. The Lion is the king of the jungle. The Beast is the king of the WWX. You had your little Television Title reign and made some noise but let us face it, you're a little girl in a big man's world. You are barking up the wrong tree. 

(Mellon sips his water and chuckles)

Bob Mellon: So let's do a "calling all women" moment. Equality is an interesting topic, isn't it? Why shouldn't we all get paid to do the same job? Why shouldn't we all make the same amount of money? Why shouldn't we all get a shot at the heavyweight titles? Hex, you must be one of those incredible feminists. Everything is up for grabs for you. Everything is attainable to you, isn't it? Well, let me be the one to break it to you... It isn't. None of this is attainable for you. The fact that you somehow pulled off a television championship reign is baffling to me. You must have used magic for that because with your stature, speed, and technical ability, you're no more than a mediocre manager, at best. 

(Mellon walks over to the steaming room)

Bob Mellon: The seventeenth and eighteenth century was an interesting time for women. See, when a woman spoke out too much, knew to much, or wanted too much, she was considered a witch. A witch was considered something evil and sinister. Seeing my correlation. Hex, since you consider yourself a witch, (laughs to self) see what I did there... Since you consider yourself a "witch" you must know a little about what they did to these women... They were burned at the stake. Could you imagine the scene... tied to a pole, in front of all of your peers. You're on display for everything you have ever done wrong and everyone waits with baited breath for what happens next. The sticks gathered and piled at your feet. Then, a man, far eviler than you ever could wish to be, states to the crowd everything you are being accused of. The irony is, even in that moment you aren't the main focus as the display doesn't begin until the sticks are lit. But wait! That's only a touch of it. 

(Mellon smirks and stares into the distance)

Bob Mellon: See, the crowd begins to get rowdy. The more they hear about how horrible and evil you are the more sinister and hateful they become. The amount of hate and evil begins to grow. So much so that someone in the crowd throws and hits you with a rock. The crowd begins to scream and chant, "BURN HER, BURN HER.." Your heart rate begins to speed up. Your breath grows shallower and shallower as now the time has come. There is no turning back. There is no stopping the inevitable. A torch is lit and handed to the reverend who has just listed all of your wrongdoings. He then looks at you and says some meaningless prayer that doesn't even justify the act that he is committing. Murder at the hands of hundreds all because a woman wanted more than she should have asked for. He lowers the torch and lights the kindling... the smoke slowly rises as the dry sticks catch fire. 

(Mellon enters the steam room but turns back before closing door)

Bob Mellon: The fire grows more fierce as the smoke makes it difficult to breathe. Do you know most people would pass out of lack of oxygen first then be rewoken from the fire burning away their skin? Just when you think you might get away without experiencing the worst part it brings you back in. You are unable to focus on anything but the excruciating pain of burning alive as the screams grow fainter and death approaches. Why do you think men of those times were so evil? So unfair? It's because it's human nature to destroy the weaker, especially when the weaker speaks out. We squash them. Eliminate their voice. History continues to repeat itself. Witches were a label to justify the squashing of women fighting for equality or even a voice. Come Ravage, it will all be history repeating itself. You're the woman labeled as the witch and I'm the far eviler fire there to burn you out of existence. Calling all women! Ravage will show you that no matter how evil or sinister you think you can be, there is always a far darker, terrible force in existence to squash and burn you to ashes.

(Mellon laughs as he closes the steam room door as the scene fades to black)

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