Calling out the Facts Part 2

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Fri, May12, 2017 7:50pm America/Phoenix
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Calling out the Facts Part 2


[Intimidation by End of Music hits the PA system. Then after a brief moment Rex and Tommy emerge from the back. In their wrestling attire and with the Tag titles around their waists.]

Matt: “I hate to be facing these two this week, they have to be salty about that Ravage lost last time they were in the ring.” 


( Opening up in a large room the TV glows showcasing a recent taped Mayhem event... The TV turns off and the chair spins to reveal a laughing Tommy Lipton... The Tag Title lays over his lap.)

Tommy Lipton: I had to hit replay and check for myself because 420 actually had me wondering... Wait have I been dreaming up these matches i have been having with Rexcellence?   Nooooo... 420 are confused.
As I just showed, there is Rex, and there is I... the one and only Tommy Lipton... There is a team theme and ohhhh we DO have a name... The Lipton - McAllister Tandem! As Rex McAllister strongly pointed out, we are THE team right now and we are not going to see anything different after this upcoming Mayhem... 

(Tommy shakes his head...)

Tommy Lipton: We are not about to lose these belts to them.... So 420 im sorry we gotta be the ones to give you Mayhem spoilers but basically, we win you lose... You know why? Because we are a team, a team that has succeeded as individuals, a team that has diversity and experience... You are looking at a multiple Tag Team Champion in me alone... Ive walked these tracks, I have battled some heavy tag teams and guess what, I haven't put you on that list as one of the greats... Ravage your win was undeserving. We had an equal strongly put together strategy that should have seen you fall... But with a few "technicalities" some how you scored a cheap roll up or something.   Wasnt really a match worth remembering.... Same i guess goes for you as a team, not much worth remembering... 

Tommy Lipton: One things certain, Rex and I are not one mind flowing flawlessly.... We are two great minds constantly challenging ourselves to be better than the night before... To be the best and that includes us being the best Tag Team right now! Thats what makes us real champs and real dangerous! We are a solid team and on Mayhem we are making our message heard loud and clear... The McAllister- Lipton Tandem is what is best for WWX! 

Tommy Lipton: 420, even you admit that you know one day Rex and I may do battle for the top belt. Although that is a long day off as I have no plans to battle my brother in arms anytime soon, the fact is that when that day comes you will still be here.. As you pointed out.. In the tag division... True story, you are simply looking to always have back up to win your matches... It is cool, Rex and I get it! 

(Tommy waves his finger)

Tommy Lipton: The tag titles are a grand thing to have, dont misunderstand me there...  but everyone who wants to really be someone needs to see how they handle themselves alone as an individual at one point or another... Something Rex and I have both done and I for one have a resume to show how much ass i kicked and just how reliable I can be in a tag match like this... Both Rex and I know that we can count on the other as we have proven we can hold our own in the ring. The Lipton - McAllister Tandem... Both former World champs, I'm a legend... How about you guys? What have you done to really show your other half just how reliable you can be? 
When one of you goes down and out could the other carry the match on his shoulders... I know I can... Im pretty damn confident Rex can as well... How much confidence is in your team 420?! 

(Tommy laughs and shakes his head)

Tommy Lipton: Ha I thought so.... Who the heck do you think you are to talk the smack you talk when you can't individually match our jock straps! Im through being Mr. Nice Guy... I Am Mr. WWX and I am not wasting any more time on hacks that think they are something more than they are. . We walk in WWX Tag Team Champions .... We walk out the same way!
We Are Coming ....

(Tommy gets up out of the chair and leaves the room title in hand...)

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