Calling out the Facts

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, May10, 2017 8:17pm America/Phoenix
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Calling out the Facts
(The fans are pushed aside as an annoyed Tommy Lipton pushes his way through the crowd with the help of a security escort... the camera pans and we see that Tommy Lipton is at WWX headquarters... it has been well over 5 years since he last found himself here. A man in a dress shirt comes out the front door of the headquarters and approaches Tommy...)

Man: Tommy why are you storming down here and making this big scene?! You know you should call ahead and set an appointment. 

Tommy Lipton: Is that what you said to David fkn Smith? I'm here to see Mr. Adams ... you will let me in, last I checked I'm still a top name here in the WWX! 

Man: Xander is listening.... believe me... 

(Tommy turns his back on the man and faces the crowd of fans. He raises his bag and pulls out and reveals the Tag Team Championship )

Tommy Lipton: SO the WWX... A place that I gave my blood sweat and tears too is in shambles! 
Your WWX division is made up of two men.... half decent guys that have become overall stale in the past months... there's  no competition and the GM of Ravage thinks a Conquest Cup is the answer?! Really!!??? That tournament went to shit the moment that the McAllister-Lipton tandem dropped out! The fact is, it doesn't matter who the hell wins the cup... the fact is the real competition worthy of WWX World title matches are not even involved... 

(Tommy turns to face the man and Tommy raises his half of the tag team title belts.)

Tommy Lipton: This Federation is game over! The General Manager of Ravage won't even grant Tommy Lipton a title match?!  I'm a fkn Legend! ... he puts on shows with so much technical issues that we are slowly losing fan base! Sure David GS walks through the door and he's getting the main event at Hall of Pain... Tommy Lipton who should have been the next inline after pinning the at time Champ Rex McAllister should have had that shot... sorry Rex... But even you know that they decided to go with DGS instead... and where is he now? 

(Tommy tosses the man in the suit his title.) 

Man: What are you doing Tommy? 

Tommy Lipton: This isn't the WWX that I knew and loved... it's just not the same... 

(Tommy shudders... turns back to the fans and he begins to walk back towards the crowd...)

"Then do something about it... Be the competitor that you are known to be... fight and help me make Mayhem the success it can be."

(Tommy turns... Xander Adams stands there beside the man and looks on at Tommy Lipton. Tommy walks up to the man and grabs his WWX Tag Belt from him.)

Tommy Lipton: .... That I can do under some real leadership! Rex and I are looking at saving the WWX and we both have talked... You standing out here right here and right now is why for the time being we... The McAllister - Lipton tandem are exclusive ONLY to Mayhem... 

(Tommy turns back towards the fans)

Tommy Lipton: 420 had some hell of damn luck to score a W over Rex and I a couple weeks back on Ravage... Ravage a show I use to run... A Show that I used to battle the flag ship show, Fury, at the time and won. A show now... in trouble... I was the one that made Ravage the flag ship it's become... Tanno now ruins it all with his poisonous leadership that will soon lose him the roster. Or he will turn Ravage into the new Wreakage as Mayhem becomes the show to watch. 

(Chris Sanders comes jogging up from behind Xander and the man in the dress shirt.)

Chris: Tommy can you tell us a little bit about how you have prepared for your title match against 420?

(Tommy Lipton chuckles and shakes his head)

Tommy Lipton: Should I say I've been in the gym 7 days a week? That I've drank my shakes and ate my spinach!? Chris, no... Rex and I don't need to get ready... we are ready! We are very much ready! We are hungry to show 420 and the WWX universe that we are the one and only tag team champions! We are ready and we are... Coming! 
After this match Chris... My sights will be on Mayhem and taking the spot light in the ratings! By doing that I plan to look upon the International Championship and become the face that runs this place one more time and I'll do that from the helm of Mayhem... Rex and I are the tandem that will save the WWX. First we eliminate 420... Then we eliminate the next opponents who dare step up to us. We are coming hard... we are going to run through the WWX and create real challenge and weed out the weak links while creating worthy feuds in the top rankings... 

(Tommy turns and looks at Xander)

Tommy Lioton: I would never forfeit a belt, especially one that I along with Rex have worked hard to bring prestige back to... I just needed to be heard... 

(Tommy faces the crowd)

Tommy Lipton: 420... We Are Coming!!!

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