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On Fri, May26, 2017 7:07pm America/Phoenix
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(A very-slightly grainy video comes to life, revealing a beach on a slightly cloudy day. A number of people are still around, though most of them appear to be out to exercise, joggers and the like. Unsurprisingly, a man in a flannel shirt rides past on a unicycle drinking a frappuchino and talking on his cellphone before the camera abruptly cuts over to reveal Kurtis Ray, apparently holding his cell phone out in front of him. He is dressed in jogging gear with a hoodie over top and looks like he's sweating.)

KURTIS: I think it's funny that someone who wants to call himself the Game Changer is wasting his time beatin' it to my old matches when we're a couple days away from a match where you think you're gonna best me in the ring. Not that I care, honestly. I've got a bigger picture in mind. So let's cut to brass tacks, Conan. You think you're impressive. I don't. You think you're smarter than me. I don't/ You think you're the future of this company. I don't.

(Kurtis turns, beginning to walk down a pathway, taking a moment to nudge the hipster's back and sending him off on a wild ride. The shadow of a grin appears on the former champion's face, but he shakes his head and moves on.)

KURTIS: There's a fundamental disconnect between you and I, Camilton. You're overthinking this whole thing. You're reading into things that aren't there. You criticized me trying to get under your skin but you don't seem to get that I'm already in your head. You are exactly where I want you, Castiel, and that is firmly in my crosshairs.

(Kurtis continues on his walk, leaving the beach behind and walking past a number of beach-side storefronts, a number of which are conspicuously selling Kurtis Ray WWX merch.)

KURTIS: I have nothing to prove to you. I have nothing to prove to the WWX. I've been at the top, and soon anough I will be again. You're the future of wrestling? Kid, I AM wrestling. This business was raised to the level it is on the back of people like me, on blood and sweat and broken bones. You don't get that. You haven't paid dues. As it stands right now, there's only one worthless tool in this company I dislike more than you and since I can't fight him on Mayhem, that makes you the next best option.

(A hot dog cart comes into view, and Kurtis stops to order a hot dog. A moment later he's on his way again, leading around a path until he is flanked by the ocean.)

KURTIS: Let's be honest, Carlton; you're a little, insignificant fish in an ocean you have no business being in. You got lucky a couple of times and now you think you're King Turd of Toilet Mountain. I ve been there. I have. But a decade of getting my ass beat and winning anyway says that it's much more likely I walk out of Mayhem than you do. But it's good to have goals. You're talking about how brains and cardio make you the best athlete in the world. I argue that it makes you sound like the perfect spokesman for that janky Total Gym thing Chuck Norris used to shill on late night TV. If you honestly think athletics and brains are enough to give you the edge over Kurtis Ray, you're about to be very, very confused.

(Kurtis sets down on a bench, taking a bite of his hot dog, chewing thoughtfully for a moment before taking another bite.)

KURTIS: I don't need to prepare for you, Chris. Cardio doesn;t beat brute strength and hard work, man. I may have walked away from the path of the hero, but it doesn't change the fact that I train my ass off every day of my life to walk the path I walk. And this isn't about me winning back fans, or proving I'm better than you. There's nothing to prove, I know I'm the best man in this match, and I will break you as many times as I have to to force you to admit it. SO get back to whatever P-90 juice cleanse horsecrap you do to apparenly make you the best athlete in the WWX cause you got a heartbeat, and I'll get my ass to Mayhem so I can snap you in two like the wannabe frat bro toolbag you are, capicse?

(Kurtis finishes off his hot dog, standing and stretching. Any humor from his face is gone, and the pulls in the camera close to his face.)

KURTIS: On Mayhem, the Camchise is finished. The Game Changer has changed his last game. All that you'll have left is a Campromise. Now if you'll excuse me, I still have another 10 K to run before I head to the gym. Cheers, kiddo.

(The video cuts out abruptly, then a Mayhem promo bumper airs.)

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