Can i play now?

Roleplay Roleplay by KENDRA HAZE
On Wed, Jan31, 2018 8:09am America/Phoenix
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Can i play now?
[The sound of a little girl laughing echos around an empty room as the camera comes to life. The room is dimly lit by a single light bulb. In the center of the room is a straight jacket that looks like it was torn apart for the wearer to escape]

"No confines can hold me back, regardless what the doctors say, I am fine, totally acceptable to be in the outside world once more"

[The light flickers off and the scene changes to a playground outside an abandoned school. On the swing set is a tall young woman swinging back and forward. Her multicolored hair swaying in the wind]

Haze: They said I couldn't play anymore, because I was a trouble maker,a pain, an annoyance, a danger. [Girlish laughter] Oh were they ever wrong. I am not a danger, it is not my fault none of the other boys and girls wanted to play the games I was taught to play.

[Haze keeps swinging around before jumping off doing a roll on the ground before springing to her feet striking a pose and taking a bow]

Haze: But now, I get to play and they can do nothing about it! Woooohoooo! Oh it is going to be awesome there will flips, kicks, twists.......blood....oh yeah....

[Haze's demeanor takes a dip]

Haze: Tom Black is it? Oh how perfect, you get to be my first playmate. Oh do be ready to play the games I like to play, I am not kin on playing other's games, oh and don't be a hog eventually you will have to share the ring with others who also wish to play.

[Haze blows the camera a kiss and gives a wink before skipping away in the distance as the camera fades out]

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