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(A camera comes to life, pointing up out of a duffel bag at a wholly uninspiring ceiling. There are harsh neon lights, but very little else to reveal where the location is. After a moment, someone offers over a hand towel and a water bottle, and a large, somewhat bony hand pulls the bag mostly closed. The camera jostles around a bit as whoever is holding the bag walks to a final destination. Finally the hand reaches in and closes over the camera for a second before revealing the location as a 24-hour gym. Kurtis Ray is setting up at a weight station, fixing to get a workout in, presumably, before bed.)

KURTIS: You would not believe how hard it was to find a gym with an attendant at this time of night. What up Universe?

(Kurtis sets about stretching out, starting with his shoulders and gradually moving on.)

KURTIS: I planned to get into Dallas today. Didn't quite happen. Ended up partying a little too hard the other night with the Crucible crew. Those kids now how to turn up, let me tell you. So I'm coming to you tonight from a Planet Fitness in Odessa, Texas. And I'll admit, I'm a little hung over; nothing better for that than a good workout followed by a real cold shower.

(Kurtis squats down and then starts to stretch his legs and back. Finally satisfied, he moves over toward the weight bench, collecting a pair of 20-pound dumbells, starting to do bicep curls with his right arm.)

KURTIS: So I'm on Youtube today, and I see Syndicate has uploaded a  video to his channel called 'The Truth: Part 2.' And I'll admit, I didn't check it out right away. I expected more of the same Syndicate garbage. Blah blah, I'm the best. Blah blah chaos. Blah blah not good enough to blah. So I started about thinking how to respond. I packed up my stuff, I jumped in the car, and I started driving.

(Kurtis switches arms, starting to do curls with his left arm.)

KURTIS: It started to kinda nag at me after a while, so when I stopped for lunch, I brought up the video and I gave it a watch. And you know what? It actually surprised me. Here was Syndicate in his locker room, cutting a promo on our match, but it wasn't Syndicate that was waxing poetic. For probably the first time, other than the letter he sent me a couple of shows back, it was a real person pouring out his guts instead of the over-hyped cartoon we all now and I personally don't care for.

(Kurtis now starts doing curls with both arms, muscles straining a bit as he continues doing reps.)

KURTIS: One thing we learned is that, apparently eight months ago, me beating Syndicate apparently had a hand in his re-resurgance or whatever it is he calls it these days. Not important. Anyway. We got a lot of truth out of Sid. There was a lot of stuff about me that I find personally very flattering. I was a dead end. I was the person that finally broke Syndicate and got through to that rich, gooey Sidney center. And now we're in a similar position, it's true. In a one-on-one match when there are stakes, there are very few people who can keep pace with me. There's a reason people started calling me the hype train. Syndicate is one of those people, and it kills me to admit that.

(Kurtis stops doing curls and puts the weights aside, standing and moving over to a leg press station. He sets two large plates on either side before sliding in under the bar, lifting it onto his shoulders with a grunt.)

KURTIS: Sidney.... I don't really know what to say. I mean, there's the obvious. There's the whole respect for your abilities as a performer, which I think I've been pretty open about. Seeing a bit of humanity poke out from the bottle blond hair and your usual arrogant jackassery is refreshing. It doesn't change the fact that I don't particularly like you, and it definitely doesn't change the fact that I'm going to give you the drubbing of a lifetime come Ravage.

(Kurtis finally starts to squat, straining against the weight, which appears to be about 400 pounds. He doesn't have much trouble with it overall, but the beads of sweat forming on his forehead and bulging veins are telling of the effort he's putting forth.)

KURTIS: I'm not sure if your sob story was authentic, but it was a nice story. I don't know if you're looking for sympathy, but you're not gonna get it from me. You and me have similar sad backgrounds. You and me have similar career trajectories. I think that might be what irritates me about you the most, is looking at you and remembering the entitled little |BLEEP|I was before the accident.

(Kurtis shrugs the bar back onto the pole, taking a moment to sit down and take a drink from his water bottle, panting.)

KURTIS: It is what it is, anyway. But the fact remains that right now, you and I are on opposing trajectories. Right now, you are the only thing standing between me and a chance to fight you again for the title. You are the obstacle I need to overcome so I can keep going forward. You think it doesn't bug me I lost to you twice in a row? Kid, you are the first person that has ever come close to stopping the K-train. You are the only person that made me sit back and think that maybe I was missing too many steps. And when that happened... I decided to try and play the villain, I decided to try taking the easy way out, and we all know how that went.

(Kurtis puts his bottle aside, moving over to lay on the bench press and starting to press somewhere around 250 pounds.)

KURTIS: So we're in a unique position. Eight months ago, I was the dead end that you had to overcome. Much as I want to give you the gears for the match, much as it was a lucky break that you won the title, the fact is in that match you won, and you shook me. You gave me reason to pause. And you came back better. Me? I decided to take the easy way out. I decided it was time to play the villain. I abandoned everything I said I was proud I was and stepped into the role of the villain. And we;ll just say that didn't exactly go the way I might have hoped.

(Kurtis stops doing presses, taking another breather. He reaches over for his towel, wiping his face.)

KURTIS: One day you might actually get where I'm coming from. But this match isn't just about an opportunity to be the champion. Sure I'm still pissed about the fact I got so close to taking the belt and it was Darkness that struck the killing blow. But that's perpendicular to my point at the moment. My point is, this match is an opportunity for me to prove to myself that you beating me and winning back the title was a fluke. This match is about proving I can still keep pace with you kids. This match also happens to be about beating your ass, because I still think someone really needs to wreck you so you can move past this Syndicate nonsense toward being a real person. There's one in there, and he sounds like he'd be a hell of a lot easier to stomach than the L.A. Outlaw.

(Kurtis starts a second set of reps on the bench press.)

KURTIS: On Ravage, you and I have an opportunity to blow the roof of that place. I know you can take what I throw at you, and you know the same about me. I want to be able to walk away from this match proud of what I've done, and I want you to feel pride at the fact you did everything you could, even though as far as I'm concerned, the only way you're walking out victorious is if there's shenanigans afoot. So I know I'm going to win, you know you're going to win, and the WWX Universe knows they're going to see a strong candidate for the match of the year. You've got nothing to lose and I have everything to gain. Sounds like a surefire formula for one hell of a match, right?

(The question is left hanging as Kurtis finishes up his second set of reps and sits up.)

KURTIS: I can't let you beat me on Ravage, Sid. The Hype Train doesn't stop and although you are an admirable barrier, barriers can be overcome. I've only barely begun my own resurgence, and I got a head of steam that's gonna push me to keep going long after I know I should stop. You got a taste of that when we faced off for the title. Imagine what it would have been like if I really got going. I can't let you win because I can't stop. And I think we both know who wins in a face-to-face confrontation between an outlaw and a runaway train.

(Kurtis grins, using his towel to wipe down the weight bench before stuffing it into his duffel, following with the water bottle.)

KURTIS: Now, it's time for cardio. See you in a couple of days, Sid. Don;t forget to bring a towel so you can clean up the mess I make of ya.

(Kurtis winks before picking up the camera and turning it off.)

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