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On Mon, Nov27, 2017 8:46pm America/Phoenix
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(A camera clicks on, revealing what appears to be a hastily-configured work-out room. There is a squat press set up, along with several other free weights and a yoga mat rolled out on the floor. A pair of legs walk over to a table that is barely visible and starts playing driving, vaguely 80s-ish music. Finally Kurtis drops into frame on the mat in a pushup position, holding it for a moment and grinning at the camera.)

KURTIS: What up, Universe?

(Kurtis begins doing pushup, his focus turning toward his hands.)

KURTIS: A lot of people over the past few days have sent me emails and tweets and, in a couple of cases, phone calls to check up on me after Ravage last week. People were pretty shook that I lost. I'll be honest, man, I was pretty shook too. I didn't expect to lose, but the hype wants what the hype wants. Fact is, Rayne brought it. As much as he underestimated me, I underestimated him. But I don't regret the things I said, and I don't regret the fact that I underestimated Rayne. Regrets are for suckers and chumps. Not that I consider you either, Rayne. You impressed me. As Syndicate will tell you, that's apparently pretty easy to do.

(An alarm goes off and Kurtis pauses after finishing a pushup, holding it for a while before dipping down again and continuing along with the slower pushups.)

KURTIS: Either way you look at it, our match on Ravage was a good match. You put up a hell of a fight, and you should be proud of the fact that you won because you earned it. No matter what my opinion of me is, no matter what my opinion of you is, the fact is you put up, and you edged out the Hype Train. In another time, in another place, we might have been pals. Doesn't seem like that's in the cards for now, being that the fact that you beat me makes me want to whoop you like a misbehaving step kid that much more. Funny that.

(The alarm sounds again and Kurtis rolls onto his back, beginning to do abdominal curls.)

KURTIS: Then there's the champ. The outlaw. The stick. Syndicate. Been a little while since we've been in the same orbit, hasn't it? And judging by the video I caught a little while ago, you're still as presumptuous as ever. You know what I'm going to say. And you know what? You might have been right. I think you and I got to know each other pretty good. So regardless as to what I may have said in another place and another time before you recorded that segment, lets see if I have anything else to say.

(Kurtis is silent for a moment, continuing to do situps and presumably thinking about what he's going to say next.)

KURTIS: You and I both know you beat me, Syndicate. I put up a fight, I earned that title, and I did exactly what I accused you of. And you stepped up and you beat me for the belt. Regardless of how salty I want to be about that, that is a fact. Then when I got my rematch, after you stuck your nose in my match with Darkness, I threw away a win and handed you a victory. Like it or not, that is the fact of the matter. I wanted to hurt you and it worked against me. I know you're probably going to say otherwise, don't really care.

(The alarm goes off again and Kurtis kips up to his feet, dropping into doing squat thrusts.)

KURTIS: Now let's get on to the important part; I have more important things to do than lament the past and praise you chuckleheads. What we're on to now is Ravage. On Ravage, three of the top current-era performers in the WWX today go head to head to head for the WWX Undisuted Championships. Anyway you turn this match, only one person in this match has an advantage, and that's only because he can walk away with his title or get himself, or me, or Rayne disqualified and walk away with the title. Syndicate, I hope you're better than that. I want to believe you are, but there's a part of me that still can't give you that much credit. I feel like your identity is so tied up in holding that title that you'll do some pretty selfish stuff to hold onto it. Champion's advantage is a funny thing, right? Because even though neither myself or Rayne needs to beat you to win the title, you don't have to beat either of us to walk away with the title. Be a pretty lousy trick to pull, but the good news is if you do, I won't think any less of you.

(The alarm goes off again and Kurtis raises to his feet, stretching before setting up at the squat press. He rolls the bar onto his shoulders, dropping into a deep squat and raising up, straining slightly against the weight.)

KURTIS: Rayne. Like I said before, either way you look at this match, the odds are staked against both of us. Not only do you have to beat me, not only do I have to beat you, we have to beat Syndicate. And I assure you, when Syndicate is on his game he's legit. And now I know you are too. And I certainly hope you realize I'm legit too. Fair warning, the Hype Train is coming. You might have edged me out last time, but the Hype Train isn't stopping. You kept up with me on Ravage. You beat me on Ravage. But now there are stakes. Losing a match is nothing. Winning a title is everything. I want nothing in this world so much as I want to deprive Syndicate of the title he seems to believe is his birthright. If you think Ravage was a tough match, you're about to experience a lot tougher. If you think Ravage was my best, there's a lot more 'best to come.

(The alarm goes off again and Kurtis drops the squat press bar back on it's rack, taking a seat on the mat and crossing his legs, stretching.)

KURTIS: I expect a good fight out of both of you. The WWX Universe deserves a barnstormer, and I suspect every one of us will prove why we're champion-caliber athletes. I like to think I'll be the one to walk away with the gold, but in the event that that's not how it goes, whichever of you does walk away with the belt, I promise you one thing. The Hype Train doesn't stop. You can beat me, you can break me, you can burn down my house, you can turn the WWX Universe against me. You can call down the fury of Ragnarock upon my head, and the Hype Train doesn't stop. No matter what you do do me, the Hype Train. Doesn't. Stop. No matter who, no matter where, no matter what, one day SOON the Hype Train will take that belt because, and I know I've said this a couple of time but what's once more for effect? THE HYPE TRAIN DOESN'T STOP. Get on board or get out of the way. Choo choo!

(Kurtis grins and winks at the camera, producing a water bottle and taking a long drink. He reaches over toward the camera, which abruptly cuts to black.) 

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