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On Sun, May21, 2017 7:06pm America/Phoenix
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MAYHEM - Card 2017-05-21 19:11:23
WWX Sunday Night Mayhem
Sunday May 28th
Live from Nashville, Tennessee

Opening Match - International Division Match
Tom Black vs Glorious Gaijin

Bad Blood has boiled over since the Tag match, can Glorious Gaijin prove he is Tomís better or will the Dark One move up the International Rankings after a loss against the Tag Team Champions. Also what of his team with Bishop Polaris, is it already over or is it just the beginning for this talented yet strange team?.

Singles Match - International Division
Blayde Archer vs Tommy Lipton

The young rookie has made an Impact at Mayhem, will he do so at Ravage as well? But more importantly he faces WWX Legend Tommy Lipton who is jumping into the newly revived International Division. How will this age old story of New versus Old play out, find out at Mayhem!

Singles Match 
Kurtis Ray vs Cameron Westport

Kurtis Ray walked out on Cameron at Mayhem, How will Cameron respond and does Kurtis Ray really care? Some bad blood may be brewing, I guess we will see for sure this Sunday.

Three Man Street Fight- International Division Match #1 Contender Match
The Giant Khoklov vs Rayne vs Xavier Pendragon

Rayne put down both men with a Sledge Hammer at Mayhem, but in a street fight the odds are evened up. Will the angry Giant or The Machine be able to stop the Rayne?

Main Event - International Title Match
Fill vs LuíAndre Xavier

Fill took a devastating fall on Mayhem and has been plagued event after event by various stars. But Xander Adams has ordered all outside interference to be dealt with harshly. Can Fill take this opportunity to win the International Title from itís current holder LuíAndre Xavier who seems to be on a hot streak?

Deadline for Roleplays and Strats + Email for sending Strats/Oncard Roleplays
Deadline for Rps/Segments is 11:59 WWX Time Friday May 26th

Remember No strats for Matches, I will start allowing Entrances though. Also feel free to Email me for Story Ideas or suggestions.

I am adding Story Text to the Card, let me know if I should keep adding it or Just have matches only.

3 Rp Max, Only one allowed on the Last Day.

Any Questions, comments or concerns Email me at

Winners will be decided based on criteria stated in the WWX Official Guide.  However, on this show, other things that will influence winner decisions are:

Roleplay and Story-line mostly Rp.

To send a strategy, email the writer of the show. The Strat Guidelines (Step 8) of the Quickstart MUST BE FOLLOWED to get your strategy to work.

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