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On Sun, May28, 2017 11:13am America/Phoenix
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MAYHEM - Card 2017-05-28 11:13:30
WWX Sunday Night Mayhem
Sunday June 4th
Live from St. Louis, Missouri 
Opening Match - International Division - Singles Match
Bryan Matthews vs King Richard

Tag Team Division - Tag Team Match
Tom Black and Bishop Polaris vs 420
International Division - Singles Match
Xavier Pendragon vs Tommy Lipton 
International Division - Singles Match
The Giant Khoklov vs Blayde Archer
Main Event - International Title Match
Rayne vs Fill 

Deadline for Roleplays and Strats + Email for sending Strats/Oncard Roleplays
Deadline for Rps/Segments/Entrances is Friday June 2nd at 11:59 Pm WWX Time. 3 Rp Limit, only one allowed last day.

 If you have any questions comments or concerns email me at

I am on the road this week, so I might be slow to respond to an email but I will respond.

Winners will be decided based on criteria stated in the WWX Official Guide.  However, on this show, other things that will influence winner decisions are:

Roleplay and Story determine winner, mostly Roleplay.

To send a strategy, email the writer of the show. The Strat Guidelines (Step 8) of the Quickstart MUST BE FOLLOWED to get your strategy to work.

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