RAVAGE - Card 2018-06-11 12:50:13

On Mon, Jun11, 2018 12:50pm America/Phoenix
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RAVAGE - Card 2018-06-11 12:50:13
Live Las Vegas
T-Mobile Arena 
Monday June 18th

Korath wants a shot at Rayne and he makes himself heard...

Harcore Match 
Hex Girl versus Crazy Jenna 

Syndicate and Dragonfly bump into each other and fight

Backstage Brawl 
Syndicate versus Dragonfly 

Xavier Pendragon claims he is the rightful contender for the WWX Championship 

Winner faces Dragonfly for the Hardcore Championship on the next Ravage 
Twist versus Ozias Breccan versus Matt Glazebrook versus Gary Tinordi 

Rayne responds to Korath and any others who want to challenge him

WWX Championship Match 
Rex McAllister versus Xavier Pendragon 

GM Office:
If you do not have a match, roleplay, send in strats. to do run ins, get yourself in there. 

Deadline for Roleplays and Strats + Email for sending Strats/Oncard Roleplays
Roleplay and strats due June 16th 11:59 PM WWX time 
3 Roleplay Limit 


Winners will be decided based on criteria stated in the WWX Official Guide.  However, on this show, other things that will influence winner decisions are:

3 Roleplay limit 

Roleplays decide winners but how one wins and how strong they look can be impacted by strategies... 
Strats offer you a bonus, better the strat better the chance of your strat being used. 

To send a strategy, email the writer of the show. The Strat Guidelines (Step 8) of the Quickstart MUST BE FOLLOWED to get your strategy to work.

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