RAVAGE - Card 2018-07-10 00:58:26

On Tue, Jul10, 2018 12:58am America/Phoenix
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RAVAGE - Card 2018-07-10 00:58:26
Live from the harbor in PEI, Canada - July 17th 
Outdoor special event. 

Match 1
Justin Smith versus Crazy Jenna

Match 2
Syndicate versus Gary Tinord 

Match 3
Airen Frost versus Hex Girl

Match 4
Blade Rickman versus Xavier Pendragon 

Deadline for Roleplays and Strats + Email for sending Strats/Oncard Roleplays
3 RP Limit
Roleplays strats due July 16th 3 PM WWX Time 

To send a strategy, email the writer of the show. The Strat Guidelines (Step 8) of the Quickstart MUST BE FOLLOWED to get your strategy to work.

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