Changing the Safety Net

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Fri, Oct20, 2017 9:54pm America/Phoenix
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Changing the Safety Net
(Bob Mellon arrives at the arena without an entourage and very quietly. Upon entering the arena a camera crew approaches Mellon to catch him in the act of entering for his upcoming promo. Mellon stops and glances into the camera. After staring into the camera he throws the cameraman down to the ground destroying the camera and shocking everyone in the area. Without missing a beat Mellon keeps walking. Knowing that he has his promo meeting point in the WWX backstage studio, he bypasses his dressing room and walks to the promo marker. Mellon, still in his street clothes demands his spot starts now. The producers agree to move his slot up. Mellon hits his mark and looks into the camera.)

Mellon: Jester, you stand on your little mountain, all safe and sound. Your posse willing to protect you at every turn, and your precious second-tier championship. Life must feel really good. I also noticed that you are using tonight as your chance to prove to those folks at the WWX that you are the man for the job. You deserve your title. You deserve your prestige. You deserve respect. Let me tell you something right now. You earn those things and you don't earn them through safety nets. For instance, let us analyze what tonight looks like to the outsider who knows a thing or two the normal oblivious fan doesn't know. You have a non-title match tonight. You literally are bragging about how important it is to you to prove your worth and yet you walk into tonight to fight another non-title match. Blame it on the booker. Blame it on the boss. But what you can't blame anything on is your inability to live up to the greatness you so badly desire. Let's cut the baseball garbage, the threats, and the games. You're no different than everyone else here. A bunch of privileged, sheltered and protected crybabies. 

(An odd roll of boos coming through the audio from the live feed of the arena)

Mellon: You can boo all you want. The time for caring has long passed. You all support this garbage. You all are the reason this is tolerated. Fifteen years ago I was the heavyweight champion and for three months I defended that title over and over again. I didn't fight non-title matches. I didn't care if you were high, low, or even on the rankings. I fought whoever came my way and they had their chance to be great. They had their chance to take me down. Much like last week, the only way I was defeated then was by a posse of losers that couldn't win on their own. Last week you pulled your special "shut the lights down" and create a dangerous ambiance just so you and your "good guy" posse could attack and destroy me. Must feel good to have all that power. Must feel good to have that safety net. 

(Mellon turns away from the camera to think for a second and then turns back forward)

Mellon: So this week I don't doubt you have some elaborate plan to put yourself over. You probably have created some light show or well-timed interference. Or maybe, just maybe you'll keep it one on one. Who knows. One fact that I know, and those out there that are really paying attention know, is that you are not the champion you desire to be. You aren't even half the champion you demand the respect for being. You're a bum. International Champion? Chump Champ. That's all you are. Safety nets do nothing for life. Safety nets are the training wheels that only hinder the growth of any person. So enjoy your long reign of non-title matches just like the rest of the joke champions in this disappointing shell of a once great federation. As for those of you in your ivory tower here at the WWX, you all can keep me in on the Tag tournament. I'll win those titles by myself. Darkness is a tool. What a joke. I'll show you all that I didn't need that fool anyway. Also, don't do me any favors. I have proven in the past as I will prove in the future that I am someone wears their pride on their sleeve and always shows up to perform with no safety nets. 

(A hush falls over the crowd)

Mellon: We have part-time jokes pulling out of tag-team tournaments, and full time champions doing half the work. "I only defend on PPV's" is not the champion I want. Hey, upper management, thanks for coddling the champions of today so the workers of tomorrow learn how easy it is to have a "respectable" reign... and by respectable I mean embarrassing. Jester, you can continue the whole "baseball" "two-faced" non-sense all you want. At the end of the day, you are still a sad excuse for a mediocre champion. So what if you win tonight? What have you accomplished? Nothing. Why? Because if you win or lose you still are in the same position. The international champion. Isn't that cute. Isn't that convenient? So, keep your title. Keep your safety net. But don't march out here announcing to the world how this is the week you gain your well-deserved respect when you are doing crap to earn it. I'll see you soon. 

(Mellon storms off camera. The camera fades as the WWX symbol appears) 

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