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On Sat, Dec09, 2017 9:52pm America/Phoenix
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*The familiar image of static cuts across the screen before giving way to the interior of the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.  Ravage just ended a few minutes ago, and the fans have all left the building.  The ring crew has begun to take down the set in order to get it to Dallas for next week's show.  Ringside, the pool of dirty water sits undisturbed, and next to it sits Syndicate with a towel around his neck.  The Undisputed World title sits next to the Outlaw, who sits with his head buried in his hands, dejected.*

Syndicate (mumbling): |BLEEP| this...

*Syndicate slams the floor in frustration.*


*Grabbing hold of the barricade (which has already been partially deconstructed), Syndicate gets to his feet, making sure to take his World title with him.  Moving with a very slight limp, Syndicate slowly makes his way towards the ramp.*

Syndicate: I'm not going to make any excuses for what just happened.  No, no...words aren't going to cut it for payback.  Just spewing out cocky nonsense isn't good enough.

*He walks up the ramp.*

Syndicate: When I lost the World title in February, I promised a "resurgence" of Syndicate.  What followed was one of the most dominant stretches in WWX history.

*Glancing back at the pool one last time, Syndicate walks through the curtain.*

Syndicate: After Darkness beat me at World Series and took my title away, I wished nothing but destruction on this company.  The complete and utter dismantling of the WWX's World Champion was the result of that wish.

*The champ sees a black folding chair right outside the Gorilla position and plops down into it, exhausted and frustrated at the same time.*

Syndicate: People think they can just |BLEEP| with me, like I deserve it or something.  It's been a problem all my career, to be honest.  I guess the guys in the back just can't think of a better way to face off against a five-time World Champion.  But this time...this time it's James Ranger, or as you might know him, this month's "Revolving Door" general manager.  James likes to take "money" one-on-one matches, like Darkness VS Syndicate at Holiday Hell, and dilute them by adding in other guys JUST BECAUSE.  You saw the reaction the people of Houston had when offered them the rubber match of the century between Darkness and I.  The place went nuts!  And yet, Rayne was added in because he "earned" an opportunity?  Really?  And now, Kurtis Ray has a chance to do the exact same thing.  What's next, Super Bacon gets added?  What about Jack Hammerstone?  Leon Jones???  Hell, why not just add every man or woman that's ever worked for the WWX in ANY capacity into the match!  WHY |BLEEP|ING NOT, JAMES??

*As he speaks, Syndicate's hair becomes messier due to his passion.*

Syndicate: I'm DONE with all of this bullshit.  You people want proof that I deserve to be where I am?  Fine.  I'll give you proof.  I have given you proof in the form of the "resurgence".  You had proof with my promise of "destruction"., I promise CHAOS.  James Ranger, I dare you to TRY to keep control of this company, because I am going to do more damage to your regime than you could EVER imagine.  That chaos starts this week - specifically, it starts with Kurtis Ray.

Syndicate: Kurtis, before you decide to say anything at all, shut the |BLEEP| up and listen.  You know what I can and will do to you.  You know, without any interference or foreign objects or anything else, that I am one of the best pure wrestlers to ever do it.  I can beat you in any way I please, depending on how I'm feeling on that particular day.  You know this as well as anybody, given our history.  And, the pressure is on for the both of us.  You win, you're in the Holiday Hell main event.  I win, you're back to your home in the midcard.

*Looking down at the World title in his lap, he sighs.*

Syndicate: An impassioned Syndicate is capable of anything.  A desperate Syndicate...well, he's just plain dangerous.  The way I see it, Kurtis, I have nothing to lose.  Because I'll still be World Champion at the end of the night.  I'll still be at Holiday Hell - unless James Ranger finds some |BLEEP|ed-up way to get me out of it - and I'll still be in the main event.  But yet...I'm still viewed as weak.  I'm still seen as the lucky little |BLEEP|that won five fluke World titles in a row.  It's up to ME to change that perception...and you best be prepared for that, Kurtis, because my passion, my drive, my ANGER is going to hit you like a ton of bricks at Ravage.

Syndicate: I don't want any foul play.  I don't want any interference or mishaps to occur.  No, Kurtis...I want to beat you, one-on-one, just how it should be.  I want to pin you right in the center of the ring and show the world just how dominant I can truly be.  I want to destroy you, Kurtis Ray...and afterward, after my arm's been raised...there will be chaos.  Because just pinning you isn't enough, no.  I want you to FEEL just how I feel every single week when people like you and Rayne don't give me the respect I have earned.  I want you to feel PAIN...I want you to be in AGONY, BEGGING for mercy.

*A small smile appears on the lips of the Los Angeles Outlaw.*

Syndicate: I would like nothing more than to see you bleed, Kurtis, and rest assured that I will make that happen by the end of the night.  No words that you can say to me will protect you from that...because you've already done enough to deserve punishment.  Well, not you, directly - although you certainly have pissed me off enough over the past year.  No, your SUFFERING will be due to the actions of James Ranger.  When he put you in front of me and put up that stipulation...he essentially dug your own grave.

Syndicate: This company needs a reminder of who's on top around here.  The Age of Syndicate isn't one of peace's one of pure chaos.  And that chaos will not end until Kurtis Ray, Rayne, Darkness, James Ranger, and whoever the |BLEEP| attacked me at Ravage all have paid the price for their actions.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate stands up and, as he walks away, shoves the folding chair to the ground.  Immediately after, static fills the screen.*



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