Charging Up for Aftershock

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Thu, Feb15, 2018 11:34am America/Phoenix
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Charging Up for Aftershock
After hearing the most recent promos from both his challengers, Xavier Pendragon is seen jogging on the streets in Hollywood. Headphones in his ears, Xavier reflects on his upcoming match against McAllister and Lipton.

XAVIER (to himself): So this is it. Aftershock is mere hours away and this will be my first title defense as World Champion. I've had my share of successful title defenses in the past but this one goes at least one step beyond any other championship I have held. Both Rex and Tommy have made it abundantly clear that according to them, I shouldn't be champion. It should be one of them. Rex claims that he's the best man to be champion because of the drive he had when he was a rookie and that he's the only one capable of bringing prestige back to this World Title I possess. I remember during my stint as GM giving him a chance and he ran with it. Rex however has yet to realize that he's not the only one who is worthy and capable of being World Champion. There are numerous others in the WWX who are also capable of accomplishing this. Seems to me like Rex is already saying that he's gonna win the title again and just overshadowing what I am capable of solely based on the fact he bested me the last time in the ring. It is this kind of mentality from Rex that will elude him when my hand is raised in victory. This is the reality that Rex McAllister must face at Aftershock. His overconfidence plus his overinflated ego will be his undoing.

Xavier comes to a little convenient store and walks in. About a minute later, he jogs back out with a Sobe Liz Blizz in his hand. He takes a swig of the beverage and continues his thoughts.

XAVIER (to himself): Then there's Tommy Lipton. "Mr. WWX". He too is a former World Champion looking to become champion once again. He too believes that he is the only one worthy of being champion solely based on his legendary status. Just because his name is "Mr. WWX" doesn't mean he needs to be at the top all the time. There are more hungry competitors than the esteemed Mr. WWX himself that more than happy to show him that age and experience isn't everything. Tommy also hinted that there is a possibility of both him and Rex teaming up at Aftershock, just to dethrone me so they could put on a 5-star match. Hmph. It seems that Mr. Lipton doesn't realize I too have the capability of putting on 5-star matches, but then again, let's get real here. Both Lipton and McAllister have already stated that I wasn't leaving Aftershock as champion, meaning 2 major things: 1) They believe their own hype and 2) Them saying I have already lost before the match is even here also speaks volume. Much like I did at Hall of Pain and then again at Holiday Hell, it's time to remind the world of who the hell I am. I am "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. I did NOT come all this way and busted my a$$ consistently day in and day for 2 premadonnas to think that they can just simply swoop in and take my time on top away from me. Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton currently portray themselves as being unbeatable, but I know better. I will be ready for whatever they have planned at Aftershock...and will have the perfect counter for whatever they have planned.

scene fades

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