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*Static flashes on-screen before receding, allowing for an image of a darkened tunnel.  The corridor is empty, and the camera is pointed down the tunnel where the outside world can be seen.  There is, however, no movement, only a few trees standing in the moonlight.  Suddenly, a loud "CLICK" can be heard, and the trees disappear, replaced with a bright white light.  With this, railroad tracks can now be seen on the floor of the tunnel.*


*In front of this light steps a man with his hands in his pockets.  As the strong light is behind him, the identity of the person is unknown.  The man then begins to walk towards the camera, and as he does, his physical features become more noticeable.  Blonde hair, red leather jacket, slim build, and wicked smile all come into view as his speaks.*

Syndicate:  Hello.  Fancy seeing you here.

*As he meanders, the camera begins moving backwards, keeping the former World Champion in focus.*

Syndicate: You know, usually I like waiting for my opponent to respond before posting another video.  Gives me more liquid shit to turn into gold.  But not this time.  No, Darkness doesn't deserve that kind of charity.  He doesn't deserve anything.

*Syndicate brushes back his blonde hair, pushing it behind his ears.*

Syndicate: When I was World Champion over the past few months, I'll admit that I was busied with other things besides wrestling in the ring.  I had photo shoots, interviews, publicity tours, autograph signings, the works.  Comes with the territory, I guess.  So when Darkness and his buddy Brytney stole my World title woke me up.  It reminded me why I'm here and what I've set out to do.  It reminded me...that I am human.

*He cackles.*

Syndicate: I mean, come on.  I can be a cocky mother|BLEEP|er sometimes.  Anything to get under my opponent's skin and piss him off.  I'm very good at pissing people off.

*Syndicate slowly stops laughing and focuses back in on his point.*

Syndicate: The loss also reminded me what I've done to get here.  I've taken beatings, I've survived screwjobs, and I've kicked ass.  I've done whatever needs to be done in order to stay on top.  At World Series, I faltered.  I showed weakness.  I won't do that again, especially against Darkness on Fury.  This is a moment that will be enshrined on the walls of the WWX headquarters one day: the vengeful Syndicate, coming off a screwy loss at World Series, taking it to the new champion and putting him squarely in his place.

Syndicate: I am prepared to shove you back down the ladder, Darkness.  Fury is only the first step in that plan -  my plan for REVENGE.  You took EVERYTHING from me.  You took my paycheck, you took my title, you took my livelihood, and you took my pride.  Do you know what that does to a man, Darkness?  I'll tell you what it does - it makes a man willing to do ANYTHING to get back up there.  That man is me, Darkness, and it just so happens that you're facing me this week on Fury, in front of the millions of WWX fans.  They will all see you CRUMBLE to the might of the Los Angeles Outlaw and the TRUE World Heavyweight Champion.  They will see you FALL from grace.  They will play witness to DESTRUCTION.  And it's all because of me.

*He smiles once more, still walking down the tunnel and away from the light.*

Syndicate: This is the eleventh hour, Darkness.  You're about to come face-to-face with someone you've NEVER seen before; not only that, you have to face him TWICE.  I don't give mercy and I don't care about your family or your friends or anything else.  You WRONGED me, Darkness, and you will pay the price.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate brushes past the camera.  As the shot refocuses on the now-distant light, the feed is interrupted by static.*


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