Childhood Bullies

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Jan05, 2018 9:36pm America/Phoenix
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Childhood Bullies
{The year is 1993. The sky is clear and the sun is shining bright. The sound of kids laughing and playing can be heard off in the distance except for one kid. The one kid sits by himself next to an old oak tree. The kid sits there flipping through an issue of WWX magazine. As he flips through the magazine two other kids walk up on him. If looks could talk these kids looked like the neighborhood bullies.}

Bully 1: I don't know why you read that stupid stuff.

Bully  2: Yeah that stuff is all fake. None of the moves they do are real.

Kid: It is real. Wrestling is not fake. See!

{The kid holds up the magazine and shows the bullies a certain page. The bullies look at it and laugh but as they laugh, one of the bullies snatches the magazine away from the kid. The bullies begin to run around the tree throwing the magazine back and forth to one another with the kid chasing them.}

Kid: Give it back.

Bully 1: Come and get it

Bully 2:  I bet he can't get it from us.

{The bullies continue to run around until they get bored with it. When they finally stop one of the bullies takes the magazine and rips it up. He then throws it at the kid's feet. The kid goes to pick but as he does the other bully pushes him down. The bulllies walk away leaving the kid to pick up the pieces of the torn magazine.}

Kid: It is real....

{The camera comes to life  just outside of Austin, Texas. Darkness walks down a lonely path leading to what appears to be no where. Darkness is dress in a simple t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Darkness is deep in thought.}

Darkness: That memeory was twenty five years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. The bullies remind me of my opponents for Holiday Hell. They all dont think it is real. They don't think I'm at all serious about taking back the Undisputed champioship. They think I'm just skating by. They think I'm using the outside inteferance to my advantage. Well guys that was the old Darkness. Afer the other night I have found myself again. The Darkness of old is back, and I will be ready for anything.

{Darkness begins to reminence again..... The kid sits alone once again apon the steps of the orphanage that he stays in. As the kid sits the bullies come up behind him and slap him in the back of the head. The kid gets up only to be pushed down by the bullies. As the kid tries to get up again one of the bullies pushes him back down with his foot. The bullies begin running around the kid slapping him in the back of the head.}

Kid: Stop hitting me.

Bully 1: Why don't you make us.

Bully 2: You know he can't do that. He's just a little peon.

{Before the bullies could do any real harm another kid runs in and pushes one of the bullies to the ground. The other bully goes to hit the new kid but the new kid ducks out of the way and then punches the bully in the gut. The bully on the ground gets up and motions to the other bully to run away. The new kid reaches down and helps the kid up and then begins to walk away.}

Kid: Hey, whats your name?

New Kid: Ethan.... Ethan Taylor.

Kid: Well thanks Ethan.

Ethan: No Problem.

{The kid watches Ethan walk off as he goes back to sitting on the steps........}

Darkness: You know Ethan tought me something that day. He taught me that you can't allow people to walk all over you. I lost sight of that and for the past few months that is what I have allowed. I have allowed Syndicate, Rayne, and Kurtis to walk all over me. If the three of them want to act like bullies and pretend that I'm nothing more than a peon, well then I will show them that the weak kid from the orphanage is no more. I will show them that kid is gone. 

{Darkness continues down that lonely path. As he continues he falls back into a deep thought again.}

Darkness: Ah, the day everything changed....

{The kid and Ethan are walking around the playground area at the orphange when the bullies come up behind them and knock both of them down to the ground. The kid jumps right back up but Ethan doesn't as he hit his knee hard on the ground as he went down.}

Bully 1: Look what does the little peon think he is going to do?

{The second bully begins to laugh but as he does the kid slips behind him and locks in a sleeper hold. A hold he learned from the wrestling magazines he had read. As the kid locks in the hold tighter the other bully tries to break the other bully free. After a couple of minutes the kid releases the bully and they run away promptly.}

Ethan: Wow, you learned a lot from those magazines.

Kid: Yes, one day I will be a legend in the WWX.

Ethan: Maybe so. 

{The kid helps Ethan up and helps him back to the orphanage.......}

Darkness: The bullies didn't think I had what it took. They didn't think I could make it where I have. I've become the legend I said I would. You three can think I don't have what it takes and you would be right if you were facing the same guy that you did a few months ago but you are not. That guy is gone. The little peon, we shall say, is back. The one that knew he would become a legend one day. And you know what Syndicate, Rayne, and Kurtis.... This peon believes he will walk out of Holiday Hell as the Undisputed champion. Doubt me all you want. Be like the bullies if you want. I proved them wrong and I will prove you wrong. It is time.

{Darkness continues down the path but the path finally ends at a small house. Darkness stops and looks up on the porch. A figure can be seen sitting on the porch. Darkness gets closer and the figure becomes a little clearer but before the figure can be made out the camera fades to black.}

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