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On Sat, Jan27, 2018 12:20am America/Phoenix
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(We open in a bustling backstage area. It's a little bit less of a professional production than is typical of WWX events, though a piece of paper running down the card tacked to the wall reveal it is a WWX House Show at the Balboa Park Municipal Gymnasium in San Diego. Production assistants and talent are bustling about, but the camera focuses in on a man seated on a folding chair, his phone clasped between both hands and earphones set in his ears. He is dressed in black trunks and a hooded vest, decorated with elaborate, tattoo-inspired designs of knights and dragons, all used to emphasize gradient blue-and-gold writing that says #CRUSADER.

A nervous looking PA moved to interrupt the hooded man who starts, flipping back his hood to reveal it is Kurtis Ray, who leans close to the PA. He nodes, spiriting his phone and earbuds into his pocket and moving up to a tape light on the floor.)


(As his music starts to play, Kurtis pushes through the curtains to reveal a gymnasium packed with fans. The camera cuts to show the walkup to the ring. Kurtis strolls along, taking his time to greet fans and bump extended fists. He pauses at ringside, pointing out a fan who is dressed in Kurtis Ray merchandise and displaying an elaborate Cardboard title belt glorifying the WWX Hype Champion. Kurtis grins, unzipping his vest and handing it to the kid in exchange for the belt, which he slings over his shoulder while strutting around the ring and pausing for a couple of photos.

Finally Kurtis hands the belt to one of the ring crew members and he rolls into the ring, taking up residence in the center. The ring announcer hands the Hype Train a microphone before vacating the squared circle. Kurtis doesn't raise the microphone right away, choosing instead to bask in the energy of the crowd, taunting and whipping them up into a frenzy. After a couple of moments pass he raised the microphone and the crowd noise falls to a dull roar.)


(The crowd pops again and Kurtis grins wide, letting the fans cheer for a moment before raising the microphone again, encouraging them to quiet down.)

KURTIS: San Diego! This is one of my top five favorite cities in America. Got a lot of good memories here. You had the Chargers. You have the Padres! You have the Aztecs! The Toreros! Damn fine town for sports. Miles and miles of white sand beaches. America's finest city, right?

(The crowd pops, but Kurtis immediately raises his hand to silence them.)

KURTIS: And let's not forget about where we are tonight. Balboa Park, where culture, science, and nature collide. There's a lot of history here, and it's one of the things I liked most about this city when I've been here in the past. So when I heard there was a show here tonight, I made a call to the big wigs and I got permission to make an appearance tonight.

(Kurtis' expression turns serious now, and he begins to pace in the ring.)

KURTIS: Now you all know I have a match on Ravage. My first in the Crusade Cup, since I got a by on the first round. And if you've been paying attention you know that my match is against the West |BLEEP| Mountaineer, who cut a promo on me earlier tonight. Dubya, buddy, you talked about a lot of things. You talked about consideration. You talked about how in your opinion, West Virginia is the best place in the world. No offence, but I reckon that's New Mexico, but that's neither here nor there. You talk about how people want to see the three-oh-four's own fight last week, but I can guarantee you after Holiday Hell, every fan in this building, every fan in Long Beach, every fan in the WWX Universe has been chomping at the bit, waiting for Kurtis Ray to stick his head out and do something. Am I right?

(The reaction is deafening, even considering the small venue. Kurtis holds a hand to his ear, driving the fans into a further furor and he grins, holding out his arms.)

KURTIS: You see, Dubsy? You might have a handful of holdouts from your twenty-some year career. You might have been a badass at some point in the past. I hear you call yourself the preeminent brawler in the WWX, but you have a decidedly small sample size to have compared yourself against. You haven't gone toe-to-toe with a main eventer, nonetheless a superstar of my caliber. You talk about beating people by luck and how that's not how you like to work. let me assuage your fears, Mountaineer. When I beat your ass into the mat on Ravage, luck will have nothing to do with it. I hope whatever mountaineering experience you actually have included survival skills, cause when I'm done with you you're gonna need 'em.

(Kurtis grins, finally coming to a stop and crouching down in the middle of the ring.)

KURTIS: You questioned whether I was ready for you. Sunshine, I've been chomping at the bit to get my hands on someone. I had my doubts about you, but you've calmed my mind; There's nothing I'm going to enjoy more than proving to you that you're the one who isn't ready for me, let alone the Crusade Cup. The WWX Champion isn't even in your view, Grizzly Adams. You're a hasbeen clinging to the ghosts of old glory, and I'm gonna be the Ray of Light that shows you the truth. And the truth is, you're on a collision course with utter failure.

(Kurtis rises up to his full height, stretching his arms and then rolling his shoulders. He starts bouncing on the balls of his feet and shadow boxing.)

KURTIS: You said, Dudley Dickhead, that you were going to use your match with me to be a new ray of reason and sunshine. You said nobody could step to you, nobody so far has been a counterpoint to the weird nonsensical West Virginian propaganda you spew whenever you do bother to cut a promo on someone. I will take pleasure in being the first person to step to you and prove your trash talk nonsense is just chirping like all the other wannabe pheasants who come in here talking a big game without the skills to back it up. I'm the one who's coming 'round the mountain, Dubsy, and you've got to look forward to looking at lights. All aboard.

(Kurtis drops the mic and thrusts his arm up into the air as his music starts, pumping it and earning a "CHOO CHOO!!" from the fans, who are firmly behind the Hype Train. The camera pans up to the lights before abruptly cutting to black.)

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