City Lights

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Fri, Jul28, 2017 4:07pm America/Phoenix
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City Lights
(Scene opens up on wide arial shot of Time Square in downtown, New York City. Camera cuts to a street hot dog vendor. A patron is standing front of the cart waiting for his hotdog as the vendor puts the finishing touches on the hotdog and hands it to the patron. The customer nods appreciatively, grabs some napkins and turns to walk away. As he turns around, he reveals himself to be WWX superstar, Willie Steen. Steen takes a bite out of his hotdog as he strolls down the street)

Gab, gab, gab. That’s all I see and all I hear. Everybody talkin’ and squawkin’ about this and that regarding the return of Friday Night Fury. Everyone is buzzing and clamoring with anticipation about all the great matches and what to expect. Every major title is on the line in this Night of Champions. We’ve got Hell in a Cell matches, Parking Lot Brawls, Ladder matches, even a Three Stages of Hell match. There is so much going on that no one is talking about the real story here. And that’s me. The triumphant return of Willie Steen to Friday Night Fury.

(Steen takes another big bite)

Yessir, the Friday Night Highlight is headlining Fury once again. But it seems as though no one is taking the time to realize what's really happening. They’re all too distracted by the fancy bells and whistles going on during the show. But the fact that everyone seems to neglect is the fact that my match, the 5-man elimination match for the number one contender’s spot, is the only match that has any significance or relevance. All those other matches are, quite frankly, just gimmick fillers. Take away the Hell in a Cell stipulation and do you really care if the Blade Club retains the tag titles? No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere match? More like two uppity broads fighting over the TV title. Be still my heart. Now I will admit, a three stages of Hell mathc for the Undisputed Championship does sound like a money match. But let’s face it, we all know what’s gonna happen. Big Mistake Jake is gonna choke in the clutch like he always does and Static Blond is gonna continue his drab and excruciatingly tedious reign as champion. 

(Steen takes another bite. As he does, some juice runs down his hand. He takes a napkin and wipes his hand. He then tosses the napkin over his shoulder and continues walking.)

That’s why my match is so important. Because after I win this contenders match, I will become the top ranked contender for the Undisputed Championship. And when I finally get my shot at the Undisputed Championship, I will do what none of these other losers could ever manage to do. I will end the boring and oppressive title reign of Synderblock and finally give the WWX fans a champion they can love and be proud of. This is such an important and exciting match in WWX lore, but again, people just don’t seem to be paying attention.

(Steen shakes his head and takes another bite. He balls up the paper hotdog wrapper in his hand and tosses it on the ground next to a trash can.)

Even my opponents seem to have their minds on other things on their minds besides me. Cameron Westport and Krimzon Blaze are having a petty war of words regarding their own personal beef with each other. Look, can we just agree you guys both suck in your own special ways? Blaze is a has-been and Westport is a never-will-be. Congratulations, you’re both losers. Then you got Kurtis Ray, sitting at home answering fan mail, in a pathetic and failed attempt to reconnect with all the fans that unceremoniously jumped off his “hype train” a long time ago. Ugh. Gag me with a freakin’ spoon. I swear, had he not blown himself up, MacGruber style, at the end of that video, I might’ve had to set myself on fire, having to watch that.

(A homeless man, sitting on the street, reaches his hand out as Steen walks towards him. Willie finishes his last bite and wipes the corners of his mouth with the napkin in his hand. He then balls up the napkin and drops it into the hand of the homeless beggar as he continues past.)

Then again, what differnce does it really make? Whether they choose to recognize it or not, I am the man who is going to walk out victorious at the Night of Champions. And when I do, I’m gonna punch my ticket to World Series to challenge for and claim the WWX Undisputed Championship.

(Steen stops and looks up as the camera pans out. Directly above him is the big screen of Time Square. Steen looks back at the camera)

Open your eyes, Big Apple, and witness the beginning of the future. Keep it cool.

(Steen walks out of the shot as the camera pans up to a wide view of Times Square and the city lights. Scene fades to black)

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