Class In Session

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Tue, May16, 2017 8:10pm America/Phoenix
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Class In Session

???: Is it me, or the fact I'm facing someone from Russia on Mayhem some form of coincidence around this time?

Xavier Pendragon walks into camera view. He looks up, aapparently looking at the infamous Statue of Liberty.

XAVIER: Here I stand on the exact same isle as the infamous State of Liberty off the coast of Manhattan. Not too far from Brooklyn. It's one of the most precious sites here in New York. It's also one of my favorite spots to visit during my downtime in the WWX, aside from visiting the MSG.


The camera pans up to see Xavier walking over the starred name of Warren Betty, Patti LaBelle and Cameron Diaz to name a few.

Xavier: Hollywood. Tinsel town. A city where most of the celebs we know and love live and reside next to another, but where I stand is on the infamous walk of fame. Dozens upon countless of movie stars and other personalities of the like have left their mark on the industry and been inducted into this infamous stretch of street. I even got into a breakdancing routine with a few members of my old sqaud back in the day. We knew how to light up a crowd.


Xavier is seen walking out of the Alamo with several other tourist in camera range.

Xavier: You, every time I visit Houton, I have to visit the Alamo. I don't know why. I mean, with Houston not too far from the Mexican border, I can kinda see where some bit of Mexican history plays a part in American history. Main reason why most Mexicans cross into the US illegally is maybe because they wanna make a better life for themselves and don't have anyone to help them and they do whatever they need to do.


The camera pans out to see Xavier looking through a pair of binoculars at Mt. Rushmore and apparently taking in its awe-inspiring sight.

Xavier: Aaah. Mt. Rushmore. It's places like these where a man like me can come in and relax and take his mind off things. But why would I take you to see the 4 corners of the US? It's simple: 2 men representing 2 different countries are going against each other on an international scale. Giant Khoklov, represents Russia. I'm not sure if this is Donald Trump's way on getting back at wrestling in general because his plan on buying WWE didn't work or what, but apparently, he sends over this Khoklov guy. I already know what this guy is gonna think. He's gonna think that he can beat me and put me out the shelf. News flash big guy, Kurtis Ray already tried putting me on the shelf and failed miserably and you won't fair much better either. So come Ravage, you sing your Russian National Anthem and try to get the people of America behind you, but that won't work. I am the Pride of Detroit, Michigan and avid fan of this great country of America. Who am I you ask? I am "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon, Khoklov. Class is in session.

scene fades

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