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On Sat, Nov04, 2017 10:34am America/Phoenix
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Morning Morning!

Filling in as General Manager. Couple of things to clear up:

1. WWX Heat is officially a factor to the booking YOU want the most, as this is your in character trashtalk channel. WWX Heat is located now on discord, as the original program provided on the site is down. Discord is easy to use on PC, tablet, or mobile. Invite Code is m8ptju4. I will only announce when the show/cards are up from Discord. We do have a server for our own called World Wrestling Xistence.

2. Rankings...updated for a proper look. Originally i was gonna just request for it to disappear altogether, but instead kept it in the format it is right now. Rankings will be updated weekly as usual. It will be based off of your efforts for WHAT division you're placed in, WHAT rank you are in that division, and WHEN your titleshot is coming.

3. Television a free for all. If you can beat the champ, you have a claim to it. Its not longer treated like the rookie title. Anyone can hold on to it, just be expected to be vocal during your reign every week, as you will be booked on two shows.

4. Speaking of shows, Wreckage and Ravage are the shows we will have featured in WWX. Ravage is the main show where the majority of the storylines will be featured. Wreckage is for those new arriving to the fed, to prove themselves, for those not booked on Ravage consistently, that need to rebuild their character at a much slower and easier pace. Wreckage is also where the top title is currently the Television Championship.

5. Tag Team Championships are given a stay of execution. Thank Zach Bibee for trying to revive the division, cause ultimately how you guys fight for those belts in his tournament he created and afterward dictates if it gets put on the shelf.

6. Schedule for the shows are provided currently on Facebook and will eventually be attached to the site when possible.

7. Word of Mouth. Try to get word out about the fed. Trying to get it back to size where we can feature more championships and such. This hobby requires new faces to keep it going.


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