(Clink ca-clink) WARRIORS ( clink ca-clink)

Roleplay Roleplay by GIMMICK JONES
On Thu, Sep13, 2018 2:34pm America/Phoenix
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(Clink ca-clink) WARRIORS ( clink ca-clink)
{Leon Jones stands before a Coliseum backdrop, wearing a traditional black and white tuxedo, complete with a patriotic American flag bow tie, looking around for an interview when Gimmick Jones wrecks the shot by driving into the camera with a golf cart.}

? "Leon Jones, my brotha! What is that you're wearing? A Tuxedo? Really, Mr. Cliché? You, look.. Ridiculous."

(The camera follows the velvety smooth voice to reveal Gimmick Jones walking into frame in a baseball catcher's chest protector, hockey shoulder pads, soccer shin guards along with a worn out and faded USC Trojans College football helmet.) 

~Gimmick "Hardcore" Jones~

"So Mr. Cool breeze, chill as the other side of the pillow FINALLY decided ta make a little noise? (A cocky smirk) Good."

Leon Jones: "Sorry but I gotta ask.. What the heck are you wearing and more importantly, WHY?"

(Gimmick Jones pulls out a driver from his golf bag and gives it a good look over.)

~Gimmick "Hardcore" Jones~

"This? Is called dressing for the occasion. Preparation is key and few have more tricks up the sleeve than me. I could set fire to kittens and puppies and stomp them out on my way to the ring and these idiotic fans would still cheer for Gimmick Jones.  Just like when I skin that cool cat named Big Willie Steen and feed what's left over to the hungry young lions."

(Gimmick Jones points to the hello kitty band aid on his flexing bicep muscle.)

~Gimmick "Hardcore" Jones~

"As you can see, I'm a little banged up but being the tough, rugged, sexy man I am and all? I am here to give these pathetically lame smart mark fans their money's worth and you can bank on that! Because tired? Is for the weak.."

(The golf club diver is suddenly slammed into the camera, shattering the glass lens as static fuzz fills the screen before the picture fades out to the Hardcore Title )

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