Clockwork Orange

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Sun, May14, 2017 8:34pm America/Phoenix
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Clockwork Orange

*Static rips across the screen as the camera cuts to a dark rural road.  It is night time, and the only light in the area is coming from the moon overhead.  On this road, there are no visible headlights or taillights, although a car has pulled over to the roadside.  Two fields surround both sides of the highway, which the camera pans over before focusing on the car.  The vehicle is being leaned upon by a single man, who is unrecognizable due to the lighting conditions.  The man glances over to his left, notices the camera, and slowly begins walking towards it.  As the man gets closer, he reveals himself to be Syndicate, the WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.  Syndicate, wearing a black hoodie, white t-shirt, and blue jeans, gets near the camera, sits down on the side of the road, and looks up at the sky.*

Syndicate: You know, sometimes, on my way to a show, I like to just pull over like this and watch the stars for a moment.  Helps me take my mind off of other issues.  Yeah, I know I'm the World Champion and all that, but even champions need time to decompress.

*He chuckles to himself.*

Syndicate: Now, in the spirit of decompressing, I'm not going to talk about Kurtis Ray or my match on Mayhem tonight.  That'll be done tomorrow, mainly because I'm absolutely sick of talking about Kurtis and hearing his whiny little voice over my car's speakers as I drive from city to city.  Tonight...tonight we're going to talk about someone else, someone different.  He's a newcomer to the WWX, one with a lot to prove on Ravage.  His Charlie Orange, and in one of his first matches in the company, he's going up against the Los Angeles Outlaw.

*Syndicate pauses.*

Syndicate: You know, Charlie, I see a lot of myself in you.  Back in 2013, when I first burst on to the scene here in the WWX, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself in to.  Hell, four years ago, I was a cocky mother|BLEEP|er that felt he didn't have a prove a single thing to receive a title shot.  I got myself into fights with people ten times better than I was, both on the mic and in the ring.  It took me YEARS to finally reach the top of the company, but until then, I was the new kid, the one that everyone disrespected and underestimated in virtually every category.  Hell, that stuff STILL happens to me.

*The World Champion shakes his head.*

Syndicate: And now, here you are, Charlie.  A kid trying to make a name for himself.  I respect that, and I respect you for diving head first into the WWX.  Because of this, I'm not going to disrespect you or underestimate you.  No, I'm going to be better than everyone else, and I'm going to treat newcomers way better than anyone did to me.  I'll wrestle a fair match with you, I'll shake your hand afterward, and I'll treat you just like any other competitor.  I guarantee all of that.

*He puts a hand in the air, as if to curb Charlie's expectations.*

Syndicate: BUT...don't let all that go to your head.  Sure, you can probably put me in all sorts of pain, but don't forget that I, Syndicate, am the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.  The best of the best struggle - and fail - to beat me on any day of the week.  I've defeated legends, I've ended careers, and I've knocked people out.  When you walk into that ring and see my gleaming face staring back at you, know what you're getting yourself into.  While I will treat you with respect and wrestle a fair match with you, I will NOT let you win, nor will I make it easy in the slightest.  If you want to prove yourself to the world, if you want to show that you deserve to be in the WWX...put on a good showing.  Make me - and by extension, the WWX Universe - believe in you.  Do everything you can, Charlie...but don't expect a victory.  Because when it's all said and done, the Los Angeles Outlaw is going to end up on top.  That's a guarantee, too.

*Syndicate looks back up at the sky.*

Syndicate: Ravage is going to be a moment you will never forget, Charlie, and for good reason.  Just as a clock measures time with amazing precision, I will dismantle you with deliberate and quick actions.  Just like clockwork, you will fall, Charlie Orange.  I hope you're ready.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate makes his way to his feet and walks back towards his Hyundai as the feed is overtaken by static.*


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