About the WWX

WWX stands for World Wrestling Xistence. WWX is an e-wrestling efed. A fantasy wrestling federation.

What is fantasy wrestling? OK, you know WWE? TNA? NJPW? Those are pro-wrestling promotions. Real-life wrestling federations. WWX is just like WWE or TNA, except that everything is fantasy: our championships, TV shows, superstars, matches... We make them up... for fun!

WWX is run by wrestling fans where players are ordinary people who create their own make-believe wrestling superstars that wrestle imaginary matches every week.

The WWX, unlike other e-feds, is an unorthodox efed. It is anything but dull and boring. There are superstar pics, realistic looking title belts, brand logos and a play style that is emulative of actually handling the career of a real-life professional wrestler...without the injuries and constant airline flights. The feds' administration is a lot different from normal e-feds, you have to play it to experience it.

How WWX Works

- The WWX is like a club, having admins and regular players.
- From time to time, WWX will hold fantasy TV shows.
- Several days before the show, the show's commissioner will book matches (superstar vs superstar).
- WWX players will take note to see if their superstar is booked.
- If the superstar is booked, the player will need to post roleplay and optionally send the commissioner a strategy for the match.
- The writer will write the TV show and decide who wins based on involvement.
- This goes on every week as players strive to beat others, win championships and create a legacy over time!

WWX e-wrestling Fun

Fantasy wrestling or ewrestling can give the players the chance to express their imaginations. You do not need to be fit and weigh over 200 pounds to be able to do the stuff that real wrestlers do anymore. You just need a computer and an Internet connection, and your creativity is the limit. Here, in the WWX, it is more than just winning or losing. The players get the main fun by:

- participation, building their superstars through roleplays and feuds
- seeing strategies being played out on the show, even if they don't workout in the end
- active participation: asking for matches, challenging others...
- building a memorable legacy over time.

WWX Features

- Players can customize their superstars' appearances.
- Players can post events such as news or roleplays that will be archived.
- Each superstar will have their own editable profile page that will display their info, status and biography
- WWX saves the complete title history of the championships.
- WWX is stable. It has been around since 2001. Other efeds may also be awesome but they usually don't live as long as the WWX.

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