The oldest recorded history of World Wrestling Xistence was when it was called WWW (World Wide Wrestling). Up to now, the actual year of origin is still unknown. WWW was overhauled by Justin Santana in 2001 and renamed IWA (International Wrestling Association). Josh Tamugaia took over in 2003 and renamed it to the WWX (World Wrestling Xistence).

The WWX is an e-fed based on roleplays, strategies and commitment.

WWX Management and other Key Figures

Duncan McIver: WWX Chief Executive Officer Duncan

Steve Cuthbert: WWX Chairman,  and writer, creator of WWX Mayhem  Cuthbert

James Ranger: Fury Commissioner, Former Ravage and Mayhem General Manager Jamesranger

Tommy Lipton: Ravage Commissioner, Former Fury General Manager  tommylipton






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