IWA History

History of the IWA

The IWA aka International Wrestling Association mentioned here is an e-fed (electronic federation) and is not related or affiliated to any other IWA efeds or real feds out there. The original date of creation of the IWA was unknown, but based on reliable sources, the IWA was founded in 2001 from WWW 

(World Wide Wrestling) which existed since before 1999. At that time e-wrestling was super popular and IWA was an email federation. There are not many email federations at that time and now, I think there is no more email federations lefts, except the WWX (IWA became WWX).

The IWA president was Justin Santana. He led IWA into its glory days, featuring prominent superstars like The Living Highlight, Bob the Beast Mellon, Raider Mask (The Parasol), Dublin Dogg, Eastsida, Oreo, BB King and the tag team of Total Destruction. The pay-per-views of IWA were Holiday Hell, Two Front War and Hall of Pain.

The highest championship in the IWA was the IWA World Championship. The first ever IWA World Champion was Jared Grimm. He won the World Championship Tournament in December 2001. Devious Scott Devile defeated Jared Grimm for the championship but later vacated it due to injury. Later on, The Living Highlight, Carnage and Robbie Riddick had a triple threat title match to determine the championship. The Living Highlight emerged champion and reigned for 3 solid months. His contract with the IWA ended, prompting him to need to vacate the World Championship. Therefore, with all the recent title-vacations, IWA World Championship was nicknamed to be the title with the most powerful champion that could only lose the title only by vacation and not by getting defeated.

Justin Santana held a special one-time promotional show called Tuesday Night Ice, with the main-event as a Over-the-toprope battle royal involving over 20 superstars for the World Championship. The wrestlers were all packed and ready to win the prestigious title. In the end, it was down to Oreo and Raider Mask (The Parasol). Raider Mask hit his patented Yakuza Kick on Oreo, sending him out of the ring to become the new World Champion.

September 7, 2002 was a memorable day for the IWA. It was the night of the pay-per-view Two Front War. President Justin Santana wanted to determine the number one superstar of the IWA by the unification of all the singles titles. The War, NAWA, American and Television champions fought a fatal-four-way matchup and the winner was Barry Bronx. Later on, Dublin Dogg defeated Raider Mask for the World Championship. This would mean that Dublin Dogg, the new World Champion, would square off against Barry Bronx to determine a new Unified Champion. Right after Dublin Dogg won the title, Raider Mask congratulated him with a handshake which turned into a Setting Sun (Half-Nelson Jumping Facecrusher). Barry Bronx rushed in immediately after that and covered Dublin Dogg for the win, making Dublin Dogg a champion for a few minutes and Barry Bronx the first ever Unified IWA Champion.

Raider Mask was promoted as the IWA Commissioner soon after and he announced a mystery main event on one edition of Fury. It was a 6-man elimination tag team match. Bob the Beast Mellon won the match as the only wrestler left in his team and he received a Unified IWA championship match the next week on Fury. He defeated Barry Bronx for the title after a hard-fought battle.

Bob the Beast Mellon became champion for 3 months until he was finally defeated by BB King with the help of the Bomb Squad members in January 2003. But during his titlereign Mellon served as an awesome champion, defeating challenger after challenger and leading to the legendary Mellon vs Raider Mask main event at Hall of Pain, IWA's grandest Pay-per-view. The match turned out to be a no-contest as both men were beaten so badly that they were counted out after 10. New superstars started appearing during that era, including Psycho Superhero, Nicolae Carpathia and Rick Dreamie.

The IWA finally dissolved in mid 2003 with the retirement of Justin Santana. Josh Tam tam took over the IWA and from then it was called the World Wrestling Xistence (WWX). Up to now, the time I am typing this, the WWX is still running. The WWX would most probably be the only efed in the world that was played by email up to 2008 and one of the oldest efeds in the world, running since 1999 (WWW, see above).


IWA Championships

Unified IWA Championship
The most prominent championship is the IWA World Championship, later renamed Unified IWA Championship and then when the IWA became WWX, it became the Fury Championship that was later combined with the Ravage Championship to form the WWX International Championship. The prominent IWA champions are Jared Grimm, Bob the Beast Mellon, Raider Mask, The Living Highlight and Barry Bronx. You can find more of this in the history section.

American Championship
This title is the second most prestigious title. It featured a lot of rising stars and the most prominent of all champions was Barry Bronx who later went to become the Unified IWA Champion.

War Championship
This was more of a lower-card title which was fought over the Wednesday Night War. The War title, although of a low ranking, still proved to serve as a good division of competition and entertainment. BB King and Satan were 2 of the most popular War champions.

NAWA Championship
The North American Wrestling Alliance Championship was available in the IWA for only a certain length of time. It was brought in by the four-time NAWA champion, Eastsida, who joined the IWA right after NAWA was shut down.

Television Championship
The Television title is another lower-card title for competition. The Television Champion was often competing with the War Champion for dominance.

Tag Team Championship
The Tag Team Championship prominently featured tag teams of the very best level competing for it. Power Team X, which is the team of Oreo and Stallion, proved to be the most dominant champions, defending the championships against various other tag teams. Other dominant champions include Total Destruction and and Sinister Urge. However, the Bombers (TNT and Fuse) held the Tag Team Championships for the most times, even until the IWA became WWX.

IWA Superstars

The wrestlers of IWA. These are the wrestler characters created by the players of the IWA efed. They were the ones who were responsible for the crucial existence of the current WWX.

Raider Mask, The Parasol
Barry Bronx
Bob The Beast Mellon
Tortured Serpent
B.B. King
Mighty Bomber
Justin Slayne
The Psycho Superhero
Murasaki Tsuki
Cool The Bad Ass
The Living Highlight
Dublin Dogg
Jared Grimm
Psycho Superhero
Nicolae Carpathia
Justin Santana
Josh Tam
Devious Scott Devile

IWA TV Show Archives

Archives could be found on the Tamugaia Archive. The TV shows were sorted via episodes.

International Wrestling Association's main TV show was Friday Night Fury. It has been around for a very long time, even until now, the WWX still has Fury as the main TV show. This is where the greatest action takes place!

War is an alternate show for IWA. Sometimes, one card just wasn't enough to hold all the action and therefore, War would host all the remaining top-quality action from Fury. War is also home of the War Championship.

IWA began holding Tuesday Night Ice in August 2002. It was a special show as there was no PPV that month.

The IWA Pay-Per-Views were:
- Two Front War (where the title unifications took place)
- Hall of Pain (the grandest stage)
- Holiday Hell

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