Legends are superstars who have given a lot to the WWX, past or present. They are either multiple champions, CEO's, commissioners, awesome performers or former IWA champions.

The all-time WWX legends are:

- Rick Dreamie
- Psycho Superhero
- The Lost Soul
- Bob the Beast Mellon
- Raider Mask
- Oreo
- Cool the Bad Ass
- Bad Boy Brown
- Rheinhardt
- Falcon
- Shard
- Jeremiah OReilley
- Krimzon Blaze
- B.B.King
- Josh Tamugaia
- Duncan McIver
- The Suicidal Stallions : Mad Bronco and Crazy Horse
- The Holy Alliance : Black Angel and Reverend Slim
- Adora Cruz
- Xander Adams
- David GS
- Corporal Sanders
- Tommy Lipton
- Sugarman Shazam
- James Ranger
- Ethan Taylor
- Darkness
This is page can and will be updated in future as more legends are added.

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