Ravage 6/11/2020


**3 weeks ago at the WWX temporary summer training center in California.**

Tommy Lipton exits his office with the WWX Championship around his waist. He passes Willie Steen in the corridor. Willie stops and grabs Tommy's attention.

TL: Yes Steen, what do you want?!

Steen: Well Tommy I won the Battle Royal, I think I have earned a shot at that...

Willie points to the World title around Tommy's waist.

TL: So let me get this straight? Somchai Thaskin defeats a legend and yet you think it is you who deserves a championship shot?!

Somchai Thaskin: it's interesting you mentioned my name... I did defeat your WWX Legend. Now I plan to defeat another Legend, that's right you Lipton for the WWX Championship!

TL: Is that so...

Tommy walks up to Somchai and towers over him.

TL: You two have been after eachother all week on social media on who deserves to be my next challanger.


Tommy looks at both men and nods.

TL: Very well...
You will face eachother at our first Ravage in 2 years! Let's put those words to action and see who has a shot at this!

Steen and Somchai smile then look at eachother...

TL: Oh, and I will also be in the match, IF I win, there will be no WWX Title defence at Vengeance! Let's see what you two got!


In Toronto at the Rogers Center

Hart: Welcome and we are live for a special announcement from our General Manager and acting CEO, Tommy Lipton... We are in the Rogers Center in Tommy Liptons home town of Toronto Ontario, Canada. Only 1000 tickets sold as fans are largely spaced throughout this stadium!

Lane: Say what you will about Canadians being friendly, Tommy is not your stereotypical Canadian!

Hart: That's for sure!

**IN THE END- by Linkin Park hits the stadiums PA system... Tommy Lipton stands at the top of the stage. He is wearing a suit and tie with the WWX Championship over his shoulder.

To a mix reaction he makes his way to the ring built for his awaited announcement.

Tommy Lipton: Syndicate is now a thing of the past... I am looking for NEW challenges! At Ravage both Willie Steen and Somchai Thaksin have a huge opportunity to put themself in the main event of WWX Vengeance! I will be on Ravage as their obstacle...
And I will do to them what I did to Syndicate. .

Crowd: cheer/ Boooo!

Tommy laughs

TL: Syndicate thought he was the savior?
BUT... Was he really?!

Tommy looks around...

TL: Who? I ask who brought the WWX back into Xistence?
At Armada we had great ratings and huge views, Darkness and Ranger have really created an interesting scenerio .... Steen escaped the Battle Royal the victor!
Master Somchai Thaskin defeated a WWX Legend!
And our tag battle... Great stuff!

Tommy Lipton adjusts the belt

TL: Syndicate is done, best two out of three, I - Tommy Lipton rose as the one and only... Of course! Syndicate ran on luck... But that luck has run out! At Vengeance Syndicate will have a match.... He will face the RETURNING David GS!!!


TL: I am kidding, no one wants to see that hack! And no one wants to see Syndicate again!!!

Crowd: BOO

TL: David GS is among the names of men I have dethroned and now Syndicate joins the group! Finally, he got what was coming!


TL: Oh I am glad to see you all are as happy as I am abo-


Tommy hits the ground...


Holding a sledgehammer standing over an unconscious Tommy Lipton is Syndicate...

Syndicate looks out at the fans... He pulls a mic from his back pocket

Syndicate: I have to get something off my chance.... do you all mind?


Syndicate: Since Armada, I've had a lot of time to think and reflect on what happened, how I had failed to retain what rightfully belonged to me. After all that I've done for this company, after all I've gone through to save its reputation and protect it from outright scum like you, Tommy, I know for a fact that I truly, without a shadow of a doubt, deserve to be the final WWX World Heavyweight Champion.

*He leans over Tommy who is starting to show some life... staring over at Lipton he grins.*

Syndicate: But now...now, I've realized something different. You see, Tommy, I finally understand why I lost at Armada and why I allowed my rightful property to be taken away. I was missing that little bit of killer instinct, the mindset that pushed me to do whatever I needed to do in order to put my opponent away in the end. At Armada, I just didn't feel like myself, as if something had changed over the past two years. But since Armada, I have felt something different come out of me, something that I haven't felt in what seems like decades. I no longer just want to win, but I want to prove to you and to the world that I am the best god damn professional wrestler on the planet.

Hart: Win what though?

Lane: Syndicate has gone mad, he's not even in the title picture anymore!

*The Los Angeles Outlaw begins to pace back and forth in the ring*

Syndicate: I have talked with Duncan McIver who still holds a lot of pull in this rebirthed WWX of yours!

Hart: Wait??!! WHAT?!

*Syndicate pulls a letter from his pocket.*

Syndicate: This is a signed letter from Mr. mcIver ...

*Syndicate gets down on to one knee and speaks into Tommy's ear.*

Syndicate: This lets me take your place and enter the number one contendership match at Ravage!!

Crowd: CHEEER!!

*Syndicate shoves the letter into the inside pocket of Liptons suit. Syndicate grabs the title and clips it around his waist and stands up*

Syndicate: Ahhhh, this feels proper... More right wouldn't you all agree?

*Syndicate taps the faceplate of the title*

Crowd: CHEEEER!!!

Syndicate: It's a side of myself that I've tried so, so very hard to repress, Tommy, but I no longer have the ability to fight it. By Duncan giving me this opportunity to secure a title shot, due to your imposing yourself in superstar affairs and a refusal to give me a rematch, Tommy, you just ensured that my dream - no, my RIGHT - to be the final WWX World Heavyweight Champion will, for once and for all, come true.
Your days are the ones that are done, and your only place should be behind the desk making WWX a better place ... Not a place in which you play your games with the advantage of power! You didn't expect this move by Duncan McIver.... And now, Tommy, you will not be prepared for the hell that you are about to go through.

*Syndicate turns his back on Tommy and looks up the ramp.*

Syndicate: Don't worry, Willie, I've got nothing against you or you for that matter Somchai Thaskin. But I am coming to claim my rightful place in the WWX as its and all of yours next CHAMPION!


*Tommy tries to get to his feet, Syndicate grabs the hammer and grins. Tommy stands up...*


Hart: Tommy's been busted open!!!

Crowd: CHEER/boo

Syndicate: The events that transpired at Armada made me finally realize who I am, who I was always meant to be. This is a side of myself that I haven't let out for YEARS, Tommy, and now that I've tasted blood, now that I've tasted this power, I only want more.
Look at you! You are pathetic! You were so blinded and now it's you on your ASS! I'm not just the Los Angeles Outlaw, I'm not just the Lone Wanderer, I'm not just Sydney Maxwell Irvine...

*Syndicate smirks as he raises his voice, now in a full yell.*

Syndicate: ...I AM THE WRESTLING GOD, Tommy Lipton...and at Ravage, I'm going to prove to you and the world just how much of a god I truly am!


--VNV Nation are set up ready to play... the fans lucky enough to get a ticket are scattered in the Chicago arena.
VNV Nation plays "God to All"

The Titon Tron comes to life! Scenes transition as VNV Nation preform;

¶¶God of all, you broke my heart
Through the ages I've searched in vain for words
To the thrones of kings in broken temples
Legacies long memory and dust
I've crossed plains and the mountains, traversed oceans
From my home to the corners of the world
And for a moment I thought I heard you whisper
Mistaken for the wind across the stone¶¶

From 2001 Reinhardt on a payphone talking to someone...

From 2002 Rick Dreamie holding the WWX Undisputed Championship out by Ground Zero...

From 2003 Bad Boy Brown stands out front of a club with people snapping photos with the WWX Global Champion ....

From 2004 Dark Angel hitting a moonsault...

From 2005 Jeremiah O'Rielly choke slamming a superstar...

From 2006 Rick Dreamie celebrating a tag team Championship win in the background a young Tommy Lipton is handed his tag title...

From later in 2006 Tommy Lipton holds up the WWX Championship over a fallen Rick Dreamie.

¶¶The line, the line is broken
The path behind has vanished in the sand
To fires that burn on the horizon
To eternity, to fate, until the end¶¶

From 2007 Viper hitting a suplex...

From 2008 David GS hits a spear on his brother Steven PS during warm up....

From 2009 Randy Brown in the Hall of Pain...

¶¶God of all, I travel seeking knowledge
You scattered it like ashes on the air
At the dawn your children call for answers
Forsaken in a wilderness to roam
The god of war paraded like a saviour
The god of love in exile can't return¶¶

From 2010 JT Steel tossing the WWX Championship into the ocean...

From 2011 Kevin Capone destroys Gunnar G as Tommy Lipton watches from his CEO box...

From 2012 Tommy Lipton is kicked out of WWX and removed from the Hall of Fame and list of Legends by the new power in WWX...

From 2013 Syndicate defeats a Tommy Lipton look alike while the new powers watch on laughing...

¶¶The line, the line is broken
The path behind has vanished in the sand
To fires that burn on the horizon
To eternity, to fate, until the end¶

From 2016 Syndicate tricks and defeats the returning real Tommy Lipton!

2017 Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister celebrate becoming the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWX history

Clips of Rex and Tommy holding the WWX Championship....

¶¶The line, the line is broken
The path behind has vanished in the sand
To fires that burn on the horizon
To eternity, to fate, until the end¶¶

Syndicate signing autographs for kids and teens.
Adults holding up Lipton signs behind him...

420 facing down When Worlds Collide...

Somchai Thaskin meditating...

Kailee doing pull-ups while ES is photographing her....

Ashton hitting a bag in the ring....

Syndicate holding the WWX Championship....

VNV Nation finishes...

The Tron flickers and static....

In red across the screen now appears *WWX CLOSED*

V/O: rejected?

Willie Steen raising his arm onboard a Pirate Ship...

Darkness and James Ranger holding up the WWX Television Championship...

Somchai putting ground work into Xander Adams...

Tommy Lipton smiling at his desk and on his desk sits the WWX Championship...

V/O: This is Ravage!
Whisper: we are back

The camera opens up inside the Chicago arena, pyros explode as fans cheer!

Lane: We are live from Chicago as planned!

Hart: We weren't sure if we could get the green light but we did!

Lane: Tommy arranged this second WWX Show to broadcast this excitement to wrestling fans across the globe!

Lane: And only a few WWX hardcore fans have gotten tickets!

Hart: I heard they had to send in a video to showcase their WWX passion and impress our acting CEO, Tommy Lipton...

Lane: and our current WWX Undisputed Champion!

Hart: Crazy!

**I wanna get high- by Cypress Hill plays throughout the Arena.**

Bonn: Making his way to the ring, weighing 270, Gary Tinordi!!!

Lane: A very good technical wrestler for his size!

**When Worlds Collide- by Powerman 5000 plays and Korath, Fill and Rayne all walk out!**

Lane: Power in numbers Hart!

(Fill slides into the ring and immediately rushes Gary! Into the corner Fill drives knees to the ribs and then Fill climbs to the second rope... He looks for a swinging DDT but Gary escapes. Gary grabs Fills leg and trips him. Gary goes for a leg lock... Gary Charlie horses Fill with a few punches and then gets up. He looks at the other members of WWC... Gary turns and as Fill gets to his feet Gary grabs him and pulls him in and lifts him. Gary Tinordi drops Fill with a Northern Lights suplex.
Gary plays to the crowd...


Hart: Remember the winner has pull for the Vengeance match, either 420 or WWC will call the stipulation!

Gary hits Fill with a leg drop


Gary covers

Hart: Not even a one count!

Gary stands up and grabs Fill by his shirt... Gary points over the ropes... With a hard dragons whip Fill goes flying over the top rope!
Rayne and Korath run over to Fill for words of encouragement... Gary sits on the second turnbuckle as he waits for Fill to rejoin him in the ring...

Lane: After a huge victory at Armada, WWC isn't capitalizing the momentum!

Fill gets into the ring and charges Gary... The two brawl center ring with numerous back and forth punches and kicks! Gary then gets a headlock in and locks in a sleeper!! Fill tries to fight but starts feeling the effects...

Hart: Fills passing out!

Rayne hops onto the apron and the ref turns to tell him to get down... Gary releases Fill... Gary and Rayne start exchanging words!

Hart: Fills getting back up Gary better pay attention!

Gary shoves Rayne off the apron and then bounces off the ropes
Gary spears Fill!!!

Ref: ONE... TWO.... KickOut!

Gary lifts Fill and hits him with a leg toss and locks in a leg lock. He starts punching Fills right leg...


Lane: Great strategy! Working that leg for the figure 4 later! We expected this strategy at Armada but 420 in general seemed off their game!

Hart: That costed them the championships.

Gary grabs Fill who claws Gary with an eye rack! Gary with his hands on his face blinded and Fill takes advantage with a drop kick!


Fill climbs the turnbuckle... Gary gets up.... Tornado Drop Kick!!

Fill with momentum springboards into a moonsault!! He holds the leg and pins!!!!

Ref: ONE.....



Lane: That was a bit of a Comeback!

Fill frustrated argues with the ref...
Fill turns and grabs Gary... Fill goes for a DDT but Gary counters and swings behind Fill....

Hart: A front russian leg sweep that he calls the Red Eye!!!

Gary grabs Fills legs...

Lane: Figure 420!!!


Korath gets on to the apron


Hart: WAIT!?!?

Lane: NO IT CAN'T BE!!!????

Max Steel stands over Korath laughing at him.... A steel pipe in his hand...

Max: I heard you talked smack about me at Armada... didn't think I was worth the sweat off your back?! Soooo... you only wanted to do one show?
... Armada...
Well I challenge you to one more! A match at Vengeance! I'll see you there if you have the balls!!
Rayne attacks Max, but Max quickly knocks Rayne out with the pipe!!!

Fill trying to fight the Figure 420 submits!!!!


Hart: Gary wins and can make the stipulation for the Tag title match at Vengeance!!!

Bonn: Gary Tinordi wins this match by submission!!! He is to report the stipulation of the Championship match between 420 and the current Champions, When Worlds Collide, within 24 hours to Tommy Lipton!!!


Hart: It's 420s match to Fu*k up!!

Lane: HART!!! The language!

[The feed suddenly turns white. Black letters ominously form on the white screen, spelling out three words.]


[We return to the feed.]

Lane: Ladies and gentlemen, our apologies for these technical difficulties. Let's take a short break.


((In the end plays by Linkin Park

Tommy Lipton appears at the top of the ramp. The Championship wrapped around his waist.

Bonn: Please welcome your General Manager and the NEW WWX WORLD CHAMPION!!!

Tommy grins and unclips the belt to raise it up...


Tommy Lipton struts down the ramp and then he stops and with both hands he holds the title over his head. Red and white Pyros explode behind him...

Hart: What a war Syndicate and Tommy Lipton went through!

Lane: Our GM showed the younger athletes that even nearing forty he is still the one and only, Tommy Lipton!

Hart: Okay I'm sure your bonus is in the mail!

Lane: what? I am only just saying, he's a once in a life time...

Hart: sigh... Seriously though he did great but as did Syndicate. Should Syndicate win later I'll look forward to that rematch!

Tommy Lipton walks up the steps and enters the ring. The title is now draped over his shoulder. Tommy rubs it and then gets a mic.

Tommy: Welcome All to the FINAL WWX Show!!!


Crowd: Boooooooooo


Hart: huh?!

Tommy: No No I Kid! Welcome to Ravage! And although this all could be for a limited time only... It's been a pleasure seeing you back stage all compete... It's been rewarding to see some fans out in the stands during this unfamiliar time.. covid 19, a virus that is very very bad... By the way, please don't drink bleach... Fkn idiot....

((Tommy shakes his head))

TL: Tonight, THREE of in my booked top superstars, former champion Syndicate, the man to defeat legendary Xander Adams, Somchai and the winner of Armada's battle royal, Willie Steen... these three compete to determine who will headline the potential WWX Vengeance...

[The feed suddenly turns white. Black letters ominously form on the white screen, spelling out three words.]


[We return to the feed.]

Hart: Yet again, more technical difficulties. Our apologies.

Lane: I do wonder who's interrupting our show!

Hart: Whoever it is purposely has caught Tommy's attention cutting him off like that.

Tommy drops the microphone and exits the ring talking with some WWX officials as he walks up the ramp...))


Lane: We are back and Ebony Love is up against Kailee...

Hart: During the break Kailee had the upperhand but Ebony Love has made an excellent come back!

Ding Ding Ding!!

Lane: And with that roll up Ebony Love takes this one!

Hart: With that , next up is the the contract signing between James Ranger and Darkness...

Lane: As they set up we will take a small break...


Hart: We are back and both James Ranger and Darkness are in the ring for this contract signing.

Darkness: Armada was to be our final meeting, however fates would see to it that we couldn't end this feud onboard a Pirate ship and so now, we must face off one last time to determine who is the best between us!

Ranger: We will end this at Vengeance!

James and Darkness put pen to paper.
James picks the mic up.

Ranger: Thi-- titl--

[Suddenly, the feed gets choppy before cutting out entirely. We cut to another feed of a dark figure enveloped in darkness.]

Figure: Mistakes were made. And gentlemen, you will be remembered as the men who made it.

[The camera fades back into the arena, where the figure is featured on the Titantron.]

Figure: You thought you could both fight for a title neither of you have a claim to. WWX returned, and when the time came to contest the Television Championship, you decided not to include the greatest TV champion of all time. A former World Champion, Tag Champion, and FIVE TIME TELEVISION CHAMPION. And now... You will pay.

[With those words, everything in the arena turns pitch black and a raven caws loudly. The crowd goes absolutely wild. The lights turn on for a split second and a dark figure spears Darkness. As soon as they hit the mat, the arena goes pitch black again. The lights turn back on to show James Ranger, facing the camera, when a hooded figure rises up behind him. The crowd cheers.]

Lane: Look out, Ranger!

[Ranger turns around to immediately receive a boot to the gut and a Jumping Cutter straight onto the mat. The hood falls off the figure, who rises up to reveal...]

Hart: NO WAY!



[Tanno grabs the Championship and holds it high in the air, standing over the fallen bodies of James Ranger and Darkness.]

Lane: What will this mean for the title match at Vengeance?


Hart: we are back live and both Willie Steen and Somchai Thaskin stand awaiting their third contender...


*Static flows throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of the Lone Wanderer himself!*

Hart: And here is our final competitor, ready to right what went wrong at Armada!

*As "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine plays in the background, the Lone Wanderer, Syndicate, steps out from behind the curtain and onto the stage. His blonde hair is an absolute mess, and he wears a black wifebeater and ripped-up black denim jeans. In his right hand, Syndicate holds his signature black baseball bat, and he stares down at the ring as if in a vengeful trance.*


*As Zach de la Rocha's voice rings out, Syndicate raises the baseball bat into the air for all to see before bounding down the ramp, not breaking eye contact with the competitors already in the ring.*

Bonn: And their opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 224 pounds...he is the Lone Wanderer...SYYYYYYNNNNNDICATEEEEEE!!!

Hart: Gary, I'll be honest here: Syndicate looks like he's ready to hurt someone tonight.

Lane: The guy's a bonafide madman, Mike! Since Armada, he seems to have lost any semblance of his former self and is directly focused on reclaiming his title.

Hart: Whatever it is, I do not envy his opponents!

*Syndicate slides into the ring and the referee rings the bell.*


*As the match begins, Syndicate immediately cracks his baseball bat over the head of Somchai Thaksin!*

Hart: WHAT THE HELL?!?! The match has just barely started!

*Syndicate is immediately attacked by Steen as the two men begin throwing punches!*

Lane: It's a triple-threat match, Mike - no disqualifications!

Hart: Whatever the reasoning may be, we are underway here in Chicago

*Somchai struggling to his feet, with the help of the ropes he stands up... Steen and Syndicate are still punching it out... He drops his robe and reveals two kendo sticks strapped to his back!! He pulls them out!*

Lane: Thaksin has those Kendo Sticks!!

*Somchai slashes one kendo stick across Syndicates face!!!
With the other he stabs Willie Steen!
Somchai then swings hard with both sticks to connect across Steens chest! Syndicate runs and hits a flying forearm smash... Somchai drops and the kendo sticks roll towards the ropes.*

Lane: Syndicate disarms Somchai!

*Syndicate grabs the kendo sticks... He smiles as he walks towards Somchai... Syndicate mounts Somchai and starts punching him, unloading his frustrating! Somchai with his hands up trying to block gets a hold of Syndicates arm... Somchai counters the mound and puts Syndicate into an armbar!

Hart: Syndicate has to tap!

Lane: Syndicate has his arm up! This one's over! Somchai out of nowhere!!!

Steen breaks the hold just as Syndicate is about to drop his arm!
Steen grabs Somchai and hits a flapjack!

Lane: Somchai Thaskin the so called third wheel was about to win this!!

Steen grabs Syndicate and tosses him into the corner...
Steen grabs Somchai and throws him to the outside...
Willie Steen charges at Syndicate and drives a knee across his face!!

Somchai back in the ring tries to pick Steen up. Steen rakes the eyes. With Somchai disoriented, Steen bounces off the rope and hits a running bulldog. He bounces off the rope again and hits a rolling senton. Cover.




Steen goes for another senton but as he runs to the ropes, he is tripped up and dragged outside by Syndicate, who decapitates him with a vicious clothesline. Syndicate slides into the ring and picks Somchai up. Somchai recovers and begins throwing shots into Syndicates face. Syndicate rallies back with some shots of his own. As they brawl, Steen climbs onto the apron, leaps off the ropes and hits a diving crossbody, taking out both men. All three men lay sprawled out.


Steen is first to get up...

Hart: fast paced action I love it!

Lane: Wait, isn't that Rex McAllister in the front row?! When did he get here?

Steen grabs Somchai, he then looks to see Rex leaping from the guard rail!

Lane: Rex McAllister hits Steen with a clothesline!!!

Hart: What on earth?

Lane: No DQ!!

Syndicate looks at Rex, Rex drops Steen with a Rex Effect finishing move! Syndicate goes after Rex and sends Rex face first into the steel steps! Somchai hits Syndicate with a roundhouse kick! Rex grabs Syndicate and hits him with a backbreaker! Somchai Thaskin encourages the two to team up on Syndicate... Rex nods and they pick Syndi up... Rex then changes focus and grabs Somchai! Rex Effect!!!!

Lane: Rex just lit up both Steen and Somchai with his finishers.

Hart: Wait here comes our GM to take control of things.

Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister meet face to face.... Rex then tries to hit Tommy with the Rex Effect... Tommy counters and goes for a Lipton slam!

Lane: Rex counters!


Tommy backs up surprised as Syndicate looks down at the fallen Rex McAllister. Syndicates gaze then moves up to Lipton... Lipton slides into the ring, Syndicate follows


Hart: Tommy got his hands on that damn bat!

Syndicate down to his knees. Steen enters the ring Tommy then swings the bat at him, Steen ducks and nails a reverse DDT... Steen to the top rope .. CALI CLASH!

Somchai Thaskin sneaks up on Syndicate and goes to lock him up in the Muay Thai Sleeper!!

Rex McAllister back in the ring with a chair is cut off by the ref... Rex shoves the ref down and starts assaulting Somchai with the chair...


Hart: What!?

Lane: The ref just called for the bell....

The ref talks with Bonn as Rex is now attacking Steen with the chair!

Bonn: Due to outside interference and attacking a WWX official in both the ref AND Tommy Lipton!! This match is a NO CONTEST!!

Hart: That's Bullshit!!!!

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